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COOL, good job Vlad, your vid made front page at Breitbart! This judge should be thrown out on his rear end for reversing the ruling. Justice was not served here, not one bit. Kind of like the OJ Simpson trial. KGS

A magistrate had described the Muslim woman’s crime as ”malicious” and ”ruthless” and sentenced her to six months’ jail for falsely accusing a police officer of trying to rip off her veil during a random breath test.

Yesterday, flanked by a mob of about 20 men screaming ”Allahu Akbar” (God is great), Carnita Matthews again emerged from court, having successfully appealed against her conviction of knowingly making a false complaint.

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  1. The dhimmi magistrate (been in the job three months) tossed the case out when the burka dame lodged a claim of false arrest. She had a statutory declaration that had been signed by a justice of the peace but unfortunately the jp had not witnessed the woman’s signature that he was required to do.

    Probably done deliberately.

    People are as mad as bears with bees in their ears and fed up with the constant concessions made to these professional whingers.

    You’d think she would be grateful for being granted entry to this wonderful country.

    Pulled up for a traffic offence and asked to identify herself as everyone is required to do at the request of a police officer.

    The police officer parked behind her and unbeknown to the woman, everything was recorded on tape.

    She accused him of being a racist – saying all you cops are racists, and of trying to remove her niqab.

    She was rightly exposed as the liar she is, and given a 6 months stretch in the slammer.

    She appealed the decison, the case went to a hearing and she got off on a technicality.

    Now people are wondering how to mange future incidents – the new Police Minister, Mike Gallagher, scratching his noggin and wondering why the fuss made by this miscreant when it is his understanding that removing a burka or niqab for identification purposes is not contrary to “Islamic Law”?

    Now that’s a worry don’t you think?

  2. The woman appealed the decision by claiming that it could not be proved that it was actually her who made the complaint against the policeman. The complaint was delivered to the police station by the woman’s solicitor and someone dressed in a burka. Because the identity of the burka was unknown the original case (i.e. that “the woman lied in her complaint about the cops”) could not be proved beyond doubt, since it MAY have NOT been her in the burka who made the complaint.

    BUT WAIT ! Was the appeal against her conviction lodged by someone in a burka? If so then the judge should have rejected it !

  3. A question for KGS and well informed Tundra particpants.

    Today (in between my reports) I have snatched some talk back comment on local radio.

    Two comments made from Muslim males were along the lines that the Koran mandates that wherever Muslims live they must abide by the law of the land.

    So according to these apologists, its not a problem rooted in Islam, but in abberant people like Carnita Matthews who cause all the problems and give we Muslims a bad name.

    Now I confess to not having read the Koran which I am told is full of jibberish, fantasy, plagiarism and fairy tales.

    I have however read the Hadiths and the Sira.

    So my question: Where in the Koran is it spelled out that Muslims must always be law abiding in their country of residence?

    1. it’s not there, and where it is in the hadiths, it is due to their being in the minority, not from pluralist idealism.

  4. She’s breeding like a rabbit. And her kids are going to breed like rabbits. And so on. Islam must be expelled from the West. There is no other way.

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