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This SDP party hack, Erkki Tuomioja, has a Jewish state problem. Oh, he’ll be the first one to shed the tears on Holocaust Remembrance day, but does all he can the rest of the 364 days of the year to stick a shiv in between the shoulder blades of the Jewish state. A colleague just recently said to the TT concerning his statements in the Ilta Sanomat article below:

It begins already. He cannot even distinguish between Israeli media and (official) Israel, becuase he comments upon the media text as follows: “Israel has a hard campaign going on, because it now fears the treatment of Palestine in the UN, but we/I will be back to that issue in the autumn”

This was just an Israeli paper doing the chastising (correctly), not the Israeli government, but Tuomioja can’t differentiate between the two, the government, and a center-right Israeli newspaper. Obama now has a friendly voice in the Finnish government, Israel has got to dig in its heels and circle the wagons and wait for 2012, because the anti-Israel lobby is coming out in full force. KGS

NOTE: Make sure to read Dennis Mitzner’s: Return of the Finnish Foe

Israeli paper on Erkki Tuomioja: “Enemy”

IS: Israeli The Jerusalem Post newspaper’s website harshly attacked yesterday future Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja.

In 2000-07 Tuomioja served as Foreign Minister who enjoys, according to the paper, very little confidence in Israel, which is due to Tuomioja’s  previous comments and the positions of the country.

“In the 2001 interview, Tuomioja compared Israeli defense measures to the Nazi persecution of Jews. This led to the fact that many Israelis demand that the Israeli Ambassador to Finland, should be called home,” wrote the Journal.

According to the paper in 2006, during Hezbollah-Israeli war, Tuomioja questioned Israel’s unintentional bombing of the UN observer post in Khiam. The strike killed four UN observers, one of whom was Finnish.

“Sweden and Norway have traditionally shown a deep hostility toward Israel. Finnish Christian Democrats have always been warm terms with Israel, but the new government, they are just a drop in the ocean. Finland is now accompanied by its neighbors, Sweden and Norway, as Israel’s toughest critics,” The Journal said.

Tuomioja had not seen the text, but did not feel it to be led by special measures.

– I have not even read the text, so there is no reason to comment, said Tuomioja.

According to Tuomioja, the issue is the fact that Israel has problems with the entire international community.

“Israel has a hard campaign going on, because it now fears the treatment of Palestine in the UN, but we/I will be back to that issue in the autumn”

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