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Any wonder why the Flemish Vlaams Belang are anxious to depart from the fake construct called Belgium. The Socialists confiscate their capital, gerrymander the elections by importing hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly Muslims, then get raked over the hot coals for not being willing to witness (and applaud) their own ethnic destruction. Screw that. KGS

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Brussels, the Muslim Capital of Europe

More and more stories confirm that Brussels is emerging as the Muslim capital of Europe.

Moelenbeek seems to be the area worst affected by the Mohammedan presence. One prominent advertising agency, Mortierbrigade, recently announced that it was moving out of the area owing to high crime levels. Ironically, this agency was previously responsible for a campaign called “Streets Without Hate” that was directed against the Flemish nationalist Vlaams Belang party. Another advertising agency, BBDO, also declared that its staff faced an atmosphere of constant threat. It had put up barbed wire around its car park and reserved the parking spaces inside for female members of staff who were the most threatened outside.

The Socialist burgomeister, Philippe Moureaux, made light of these claims, insisting that “all of this debate is based on lies” and that “Moelenbeek isn’t the Bronx”. Ten members of the BBDO staff then wrote to him, insisting that every one of them had been the victim of crimes, ranging from having their handbags stolen at knifepoint to having windows broken or guns pointed at them.

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  1. Belgium Had the nerve to have a multi page puff propaganda fold out in the Sunday NY Post. Upon reading this obviously false and glistening description of Belgium, one if they were blind to the truth would think of the country with it’s 10 million + population as a modern day utopia. What fools they are to think that a whitewashing PR campaign will solve all of their social, economic, and criminal problems. The political elite must be living in la la land far removed from reality.

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