No suspects as of yet, but the TT has a gut feeling that fundamustards are behind it, or at least it’s highly reasonable to believe that they are. KGS

Malmö police station attacked by gunfire

Published: 18 Jun 11 11:11 CET |

The police station in Malmö district Rosengård, in the south of Sweden, was fired upon early Saturday morning.

“At 4:29 a.m. police on location alerted us about the gunshots,” Hanna Berndtsson, Skåne police information officer, told the TT news agency.

No one was physically injured by the shooting.

“There were police officers on the second floor of the building, but the shots were fired towards the first floor, so there were no injuries.”

Security at the police station has now been tightened, and a forensic investigation squad is on location to find out what happened.

Thus far the forensic investigation has revealed that live ammunition was used in the shooting, and therefore an attempted murder probe has been initiated, according to the Malmö police force.

At this moment the police have no information about the type of weapon used, or the reason for the shooting.

“We don’t know the origins of all this yet,” said Hanna Berndtsson.


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  1. Grreat! So these police, who like their counterparts in England, are there to protect our new elite, mozlems, are now being attacked by them! But I am sure the police in Malmo still love their wonderful fundamustards and will protect them from all islamophonya and even let them beat them up, just to show who is really boss!!

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