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The burka wearers should be fined for everyday that they are out of court, heavily. KGS

You can’t come in: First women to appear in French court for wearing banned burkas are refused entry… for wearing a burka


Defiant: Najat, 37, who decided not to go to court

The first women to be summoned before a European court for illegally wearing burkas were refused entry – because they refused to remove their face coverings.

Najet and Hind who keep their features hidden at all times and refuse to identify themselves beyond their first names, were due to appear before a judge outside Paris.

Both are accused of violating France’s so-called ‘burka ban’, which came into force earlier this year and prevents anyone covering up their faces in public.

But when Hind, a 31-year-old mother, tried to enter the court building in Meaux on Thursday, police held her back, telling her to take her head-covering off.

Najet, meanwhile, simply stayed at home, with the 34-year-old saying she knew she would be stopped from entering.

‘For the hearing to go ahead, you must remove the veil. Justice must be administered in a calm atmosphere,’ police commissioner Philippe Tireloque told Hind.

Hind, who had brought her own handcuffs to wear as part of an organised protest at the court, replied: ‘I’ll keep my veil on at all times – it’s non-negotiable.

‘The law forbids me from expressing myself, and indeed from defending myself. It forces me to dress a certain way, when all I want to do is live according to my religion.’

Police are under strict orders not to remove face coverings themselves, meaning Hind was simply told to leave.

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  1. I wonder whether the French government has sought this whole issue through.

    Because sooner or later the law will either have to be repealed or it will have to be enforced.

    To enforce the law, force will be necessary and it could get quite ugly.

    Muslims bank on the assumption that they will inevitably get their way.

    The tactic is to push the envelope more and more to achieve the overall objective of Sharia.

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