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How do you spell big government statistism? National Coalition and Social Democrat Party. In other words, Finnish politics in general. It’s another big government, ‘group  rights’ orientated statist coalition that will micro manage the private sector. In the name of ‘equality’ this new government of losers will seek to address gripes and complaints shortcomings in society, using classic marxist means, and then call it ‘fair’. Marxism is never fair, never correct and never ending in making the citizen a slave to the state. KGS

NOTE: Remember, every party in this new government lost seats to the True Finns. If the National Coalition were a true conservative party, it would be against big government nanny statism, and be in opposition, while spending time in enlightening the people on true conservatism, offering them a clear alternative to failed statist politics.

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UPDATE: Economists calling new government one of compromise:

Aki Kangasharju, Chief Director with the Government Institute for Economic Research called the proposal a “compromise programme”. “There is no clear direction. I would have liked to hear more clearly about the government’s plan from the perspective of the endurance deficit as well as with respect to working life and job creation – this remains unclear,” he added.

NOTE: That’s to be expected when the main idea for these politicians, is to  work together through consensus politics, which in the end, has watered down any true conservative philosophy the National Coalition once had.

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    1. Thanks Ethan, I just noticed this after I posted it, another tipster sent me the same thing. Much appreciated though!

  1. Quote: Rosengård, centrally located in Malmö, is an area commonly associated with social difficultiesM/b>, and has been the place of several riots and clashes between local youths and authorities in recent years.

    The weasel words again.

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