The need to school your children about moral justification and rationale behind capitalism couldn’t be greater. Capitalism liberates, socialism enslaves, it’s that simple concept that will be the engine to spur people on to explore the dynamism of capitalism and to understand why the Founding Fathers of the US chose that economic system. If you don’t teach your kids the truth, let alone understand it yourself, the socialists will in the end, subvert your country. KGS

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By Dan Riehl: Joe Kernen, co-anchor of CNBC’s  Squawk Box and his daughter, fifth grader, Blake Kernen, have teamed up for YOUR TEACHER SAID WHAT?!: Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism, a primer to push back against what Kernen perceives to be an anti-capitalist bias within our public education system – a bias some believe begins in the earliest grades.

In YOUR TEACHER SAID WHAT?!: Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism (Sentinel, May 2011), Kernen recounts the challenges of teaching the value of free market capitalism to someone who still gets an allowance. He looks at the world through a fifth grader’s eyes and discovers the countless ways our education system and pop culture attack capitalism. As Joe tackles Blake’s tough questions, they cover tricky topics such as:

· The plusses (small) and minuses (huge) of unions — including the unionized teachers who disparage the same free enterprise system that pays their salaries.

· The truth about so-called “Fair Trade”: Rather than help poor farmers, it keeps them poor.

· The differences between Europe and America, and why free health care isn’t really free.

With statism on the rise and Free Market Capitalism, a cornerstone of liberty and democracy under assault from the highest levels of politics, to the earliest grades in our schools, one less reading of Goldilocks replaced with a straight-forward, easy to understand primer in Free Market capitalism, doesn’t sound like such a bad idea from a conservative perspective. Homeschoolers may find it especially interesting and useful.

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  1. Unions are bad and people should depend on the altruism of bosses to treat them justly, kindly and humanely? Universal government health care is bad? -LOL!

    If those two examples are typical of the whole book it isn’t much of a defence of capitalism and any reasonably intelligent person won’t have much difficulty demolishing it.

    1. Well then Bogiman, as a statist, you are more than happy to let liberty and freedom to be replaced with tyranny and oppression. Why is it that people such as yourself believe that public sector bureaucrats are always more benevolent than people who work in the private sector? It’s stunning to me how easy it is for people such as yourself to treat liberty and freedom so cavalier. Also, I never said unions by default are bad, just that the ones presently at work have been taken over by the statist, and as such, are a detriment to the civil society.

      Uinversal health care is nothing more than the distribution of wealth by the government, which is classic marxism, something that I reject in every way.

  2. For somebody who claims to love liberty you have certainly indicated a rather tyrannical and oppressive belief in the right of the State to dictate to its subjects what they are and are not allowed to do with their own bodies.

    I’m certainly more committed liberty and freedom that you are.

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