Muslims praying in the streets Russia


Video description from French: “For years, Muslims pray in the streets of Moscow, every Friday. As in Paris, as atAthens, like Rome, this phenomenon is getting worse year after year. During Muslim festivals, is a massive invasion of the streets of Moscow that we are witnessing. Watch these incredible images, shocking, nightmarish! The images in this video were all shot by the inhabitants of Moscow. No media has never shown.”

h/t: GAIA

3 Responses

  1. the Putin mobsters are all Islam axxkissers. Who sell weapons en masse to Iran, Syria and other islamic terror states ?

  2. Jerry is correct. Putin’s regime is appeasing islam and Ramzan Kadyrov, their current puppet in the head of Chechen government, is implementing sharia. This does not help and the terrorists in the region are no longer content with an islamic Chechnya but want to establish a Caucasus emirate that includes the entire Northern Caucasus.

    But in the end it is the question of demographics. However, the largest muslim group in Russia, the Tatars, have traditionally been moderate. It is very difficult to estimate the number of muslims in Russia. It is believed that between 4 and 6 per cent of Russians are muslims, but that figure does not include non-citizens who have migrated from the majority muslim countries that used to belong to the Soviet Union.

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