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They have an up-hill battle, criticism of a Muslim by a non-Muslim is an anathema, no matter how sound and justified it is. KGS

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Shameful silence: Why we need action to end the tragedy over disabled babies born to Muslims who marry their cousins

The Mail exposed the conspiracy of silence over disabled babies born to Muslims who marry their cousins. Here, YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN – six of whose cousins died from genetic disorders – says we now need action to end this growing tragedy

My mother had an older sister who was gentle, affectionate and generous. She was married to a first cousin — not a good husband or father — and they had eight children, most of whom inherited serious genetic disorders.

I loved them all dearly, and endured agonies as I watched one after the other die as adults after suffering for years with illness.

Now, only two male cousins are left. One, who lives in Vancouver, has had a kidney transplant, and the other one seems, thus far, completely healthy.

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3 Responses

  1. The koranimals believe that everything in this world only happens by the will of Allah. That being the case why are the Westerners concerned about disabled babies due to the koranimals practicing inbreeding. If they insisting on practicing inbreeding then any babies born disabled are their responsibility and they should not expect the taxpayer to foot the bill for extended medical care.

  2. Gerald

    Agreed. Its the will of allah as Muslims feel. Who are we to interfere in their relationships. All we ask is that they are not a greater burden on taxpayers then already are.

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