The Assad regime steps up its game against the opposition, one small mass murder after the other in hope it will break the momentum. The +20 000 mass murdered of Hama can’t be carried out this day and age, so it’s done piecemeal. KGS

32 dead in Syria as helicopter gunships fire at protesters

06/10/2011 22:29

Troops round up protesters in border regions as anti-Assad rallies spread from Damascus to Daraa; thousands of refugees flee to Turkey; UN says Assad refusing to take phone calls from Ban Ki-Moon.

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AMMAN – Syrian helicopter gunships fired machine guns to disperse a large pro-democracy protest in the town of Maarat al-Numaan on Friday, witnesses said, a dangerous escalation of force at the end of a day in which 32 civilians were reported killed by Assad’s forces across the country.

The gunship use was the first reported use of air power to quell protests in Syria’s uprising.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that helicopters fired at the town aftersecurity forces on the ground killed five protesters, but said no killings were reported in the assault by the helicopters.

Also on Friday, UN spokesman Martin Nesirky confirmed a report by Kuwait news agency KUNA that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had been trying to call Assad on Thursday but was told that the president was “not available.”

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  1. large pro-democracy protest ???

    Yeah sure! The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong in Syria. They have been under the cobbles since the elder Assad taught them a lesson, but now they feel they have a chance. If, by some means, if NATO intervenes, they get into power, that will be the end of another “moderate” dictator. Then all hell will break lose for the minorities.

    One thing we need to realize- the best thing for a Muslim country is that it is led by a dictator. Democracy of the one/person type, will simply usher in the worst form of government – sharia based theocracy. A disaster for the people, and a threat to others.

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