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Actually, if the TT would be standing nearby observing the events, there would be a lot more cheering going on. Anytime a Leftist moron tries to get rough with authorities the TT sides with the police. No doubt this idiot was hoping for a rough up so he can go home and prove his credentials to his commie peeps. KGS

NOTE: Hats off to the Israeli police, who have to put up with these idiot dolts day in and day out.

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  1. I hope this dirtbag was found persona non grata and tossed out of Israel on his behind. The most disgusting part of his ‘display’ was the fact he was wearing the ‘filthy rag’ of terrorists and the murderers of innocent women an children.

  2. Does this idiot not realize that if the Arabs got their demands – right of return, there will be no Israel. Then where will Jews return to? America?

    This is not just an idiot but a traitor. In time of war, we shoot traitors.

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