Iran is the chief destabilizer in the region, that’s a given, anyone who knows anything about the region will tell you that. They will not cease to be a problem until the international community reacts in a more decisive, concerted way, sanctions alone will not work. A blockade however, being more exact, a blockade on petrol imports, will send the regime over the top and hasten the day for an overthrow. At least that’s how the TT views it. KGS

‘Iran caught 10 times trying to send arms to terrorists’

06/10/2011 01:47

‘Jerusalem Post’ obtains report submitted to UNSC detailing Iran’s arms smuggling to Hamas, Taliban; reveals regime’s clandestine missile tests.

Iran has been caught red-handed in 10 different attempts in recent years to transfer weaponry to terrorists throughout the Middle East, including a recent case, in April, when a shipment of advanced missiles was caught en-route to Taliban forces in Afghanistan, according to a United Nations report obtained Thursday by The Jerusalem Post.

The report was submitted three weeks ago to the Security Council by a UN group of experts that monitors compliance with UN sanctions imposed on Iran. The report was leaked to the Internet and obtained by a number of leading Israeli defense analysts.

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  1. One does not have to be clairvoyant or a mystic to comprehend that Iran is behind and funding most of the upheaval and instability in the ME. The only clueless ones are the patronizing, spineless politicians in the UN,US, and the EU and as usual the always accommodating MSM.

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