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“On Glenn Beck’s Fox News show Wednesday, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO was asked about previous comments he made about how he would be uncomfortable appointing a Muslim to his cabinet should he be elected president. Cain confirmed that he would indeed be uncomfortable appointing a Muslim to his administration unless they “prove to me they are putting the Constitution of the United States first.” When Beck asked Cain if we would require the same “loyalty proof” of Catholics or Mormons, Cain said “no.”

The threat today to our country from radical Islam and its jihadists has never been greater. As a Muslim who has dedicated my life to defending the Constitution and founded an American Muslim organization to do just that against the threat of Islamism, I am very disappointed by the levels of confusion manifested in Mr. Cain’s repeated remarks,” Jasser said of Cain’s statement.”

The TT happens to like Herman Cain, even though he looks like he’s not quite ready yet for the top job, he however has proved himself to be a quick learner. The TT appreciates his candor in dealing with Islam and Muslims in general, he truly does recognize the true motivating factor for Muslims, the spread of Islam with sharia being instituted as the law of the land. Cain recognizes that sharia is incompatible with US jurisprudence.

Enter Zuhdi Jasser, whose own staff have contacted the Tundra Tabloids concerning the promotion of their movie, the “Third Jihad”, a documentary on the jihadist war with the West. Jasser however, in spite of his “noble intentions”, has a history of dissimulating certain central truths of Islam, like it’s inherent Jew hatred and overall supremacism.

So you’ll have to excuse the TT when it rolls its eyes over Jasser’s ”verbal dressing down’ of presidential hopeful Herman Csain’s views of Islam in particular and Muslims in general. He has every right to be skeptical of where a Muslim’s loyalties actually lie until proven otherwise. It’s just the reality of the state of affairs we are currently in, and they (Muslims) have only their ideology and fundamustard co-idealogues to blame for it, not the non-Muslim. KGS

H/T Scottish Infidel

NOTE: This is one of the few times that the TT disagrees with radio talk show host, Mark Levin, he is simply not informed enough on Islam and Jasser.

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  1. KGS: I agree wholeheartedly that Cain may need a bit more finishing school, but he does seem to have a very high learning curve, and he apparently understands the ‘mustard threat’ better than most, so… if his name is on the ballot, he gets my vote.

    1. If the playing field doesn’t consist of similar minded folks, no doubt I’d pull the lever for Cain.

  2. He may need polish but on the job training would cover that.Mr.Cain appears to be honest and courageous,traits long lost by American politicians by the 4th grade.
    Trying to force happy feelings on Americans about the biggest threat we have faced in years is irresponsible and disrespectful to the dead,wounded and literate citizens.

  3. Any one who calls himself a Muslim must advocate the implementation of allah’s law – sharia. If they say they don’t, then either they are lying (Taqqiya), or they have not understood what it means to be a Muslim.

    We must always bear in mind that the sharia project is a long term one- measured in hundreds of years. With rapid demographic growth + immigration, Muslims expect to implement sharia in many Western countries in the future. Setting up laws against it will not help, as a future Muslim majority will revoke any such laws. In the meantime, Taqqiyya merchants have to make sure that we don not pass any laws that hinder or reduce the demographic growth of Muslims. In that sense, Zuhdi Jasser is a good Muslim.

  4. Dr. Jasser is either a simplistic dreamer or just another smoke and mirrors jihadist. It is hard to believe he is ignorant of his creeds demands and tenets.

  5. Islam’s track record supports Cain’s concerns. If Muslims wish to bring Sharia to the USA, they need to do so through the established public legal process. Muslims who wish to be free of disparaging attitudes need to start by cleaning their own house, in a very public manner. Until then, all we “infidels” have to go on is history, and it isn’t looking too great from an American perspective. Also, the nature of Islam as a total worldview that puts laws and government subservient to Islam differentiates it from other religions in the traditional American view. (Nowhere does Islam admonish anything like “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”.) The existence of Takkia (spelling?) is a problem for our culture. Those who play win/win with sharks deservedly become shark food. DUH! Our president, our courts, and the rest of our government have absolutely no business going there. A large portion of the world is already Muslim- those who support it should live there, at least until the aforementioned track record can be relegated to the past.
    Run, Herman, Run!

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