The blame for the deaths of course, belong to her father. KGS

Kadhafi daughter files war crimes charge against NATO

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi’s daughter filed a war crimes complaint against NATO in Belgium Tuesday, claiming it knowingly bombing a civilian target, killing her daughter and other family members. The complaint, a copy of which was seen by AFP, relates to an April 30 NATO assault on Tripoli, which, according to Libyan officials, killed the strongman’s youngest son and three grand-children.

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    URGENT: needs exposition: islamist conference in australia‏

    Hi guys

    I write to you from Sydney where there are interesting developments.

    Have you heard of the Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir? they call for a caliphate in the middle east and they are holding one of their big conferences here in sydney in a few weeks’ time.

    This is their trailer –

    they make use of some of the biggest sites in our capital – canberra. – their trailer last year was shot in front of the opera house etc.

    i think they have been in the news a fair bit in the past, but they keep coming out with new marches and conferences.

    anyway interestingly they characterise the middle east revolutions as a “step on the way to a caliphate” – a multinational islamic state… :S at first i thought the uprisings were a call for democracy. but to be honest the way things are goiing in yemen…

    ^ their website.

    anyway, there will probably be a furore around this… in the media etc, as there should be. but the media usually leaves this to the last minute. awareness about their activities should be higher so people know precisely whats going on in parts of their own country.

    Andrew bolt last year made a blog entry about them. i hope he does so again so people know whats going on. here is his entry last year which embedded their trailer for last year’s conference…

    one of our websites here in AUstralia is carrying an entry for this….. you can check it out here:



    1. Thanks Jason, I’ll post on this, thanks so much for all the info.

  2. @Jason, the go to Hizb-ut-Tahrir channel for Australia is “fazzamin,” and the YouTuber is quite a pleasant guy if one comments in a civil manner.

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