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Good that the municipality gets involved for the childrens’ sake, it shows a sign of intelligence, but the day-care representative defends the ”freedom bag”, saying it doesn’t impede communication. Nonsense, the niqab is representative of the highly destructive, anti-female ideology that Islam has propagated over the centuries.

Allowing women to cover themselves up and work amongst children not from that culture sends the wrong message. While some inequality may exist, we treat men and women as equals in western society, which means that we do not view women as prostitutes and men as potential perverts before being proven otherwise. Islamic societies to varying degrees, do.

That kind of thinking should not be allowed within the workplace, especially where children are involved. KGS

H/T: Kumitonttu

Norway dispute over daycare worker’s  right to use a face veil

IS: Oslo Municipality would like to intervene in day-care workers’ religious clothing.

It is about Muslim women using nikab-scarf with fabric that covers everything except the eyes.

Private kindergartens have nevertheless lukewarmly greeted the involvement into the affair. They consider that the municipality does not have the right to interfere with the way their employees dress.

According to day-care representative, Torger Ødegaard , workers are allowed to use nikab if it does not impede communication or professional duties.

– To our knowledge, this was not a big problem in day care centers, “he says.

Women use the nikab widely, including the Persian Gulf environment.


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  1. what mother in her right mind would allow her children to be looked after by a crackpot wearing her face covered, even a head covering should be enough to send them to another place What kind of statement does this make to a child??????????????

    1. Creepy isn’t it? Leftists and logical thinking mix like oil and water

  2. The ‘leftards’ (great word) know not what they do! I was in Oslo last month and couldn’t recognise my own country. Every other person looked like a crow with those awful black shrouds. It just didn’t look right. The worst thing was I saw girls of down to three years old, with head all swathed in fabric. Colourful fabric, but still! Are they afraid these toddlers will tempt the men too much? Ban the damn thing I say. Ban it! It’s a provocation to Norwegians, nothing else.

    1. good point Cecilie, little girls all shrouded up, it proves the point that Islam is an ideology of pedophilia.

  3. Islam(Guran) does not say muslims must wear niqab…you can read it if you want to know trues.Women which feel them muslims use niqab and say that it is Islamic wear.It is false…Most people tortured name of Islam and do terror too.Islam is a brotherhood and scientistic religion…That is why,please dont say muslim must use niqab…Read Quran and say anything about it…I also want that niqab must to be forbidden…it has many reasons…These are my own oppinions,I think so…Thanks…

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