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The reason why these two groups so easily “mob it up”, is because it’s in their political dna, they both hate anyone with dissenting views, and for the time being because their goals converge, the Leftard-Mustard nexus is a force to be reckoned with. KGS

H/T: Henrik R.Clausen

Slaves fighting for slavery: the Leftist groups aiding the jihad in Germany

The first major action of the invading forces was to occupy the stage where the event was to take place, at 15:40, 20 minutes before the announced starting time. Unfortunately, this took place with no resistance from the police. The police was following events closely and created an extensive video record of it all. Accusations of ‘police violence’ has become a major problem for the German police, and they were clearly well prepared to document in detail how the day was proceeding.

Stage occupied, the whole area became filled with victorious Antifa activists and sympathisers. Horns, drumbeats and slogans made it clear who controlled the area, and photographers where repeatedly intimidated and threatened to abstain from filming the events unfolding. Police officers joined the activists on stage, and at 15:54 made the first attempt to clear the stage for the event to commence at 16:00 as planned. Next attempt at 15:59.

Things in a stalemate, it was interesting to study who were supporting the disturbances. Flags and banners were observed from at least the following organization, who one must assume would be held responsible for any violence and damage done:

ADHK ( Confederation for Democratic Rights in Europe (Turkish org)
Antifa (
BIR-KAR (seems to be a company)
Communists (
Die Linke (
Social Democrats (
Social Democrats youth branch ”Jusos in der SPD” (”Together for Change”)
LinksJugend Solid ( Youth branch of “Die Linke” (see above)
Piraten Partei (
VVN ( Association for victims of Nazism

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