This is par for the course in Egypt, but something that Finnish shill for Islam, YLE journalist, Sanna Negus would never report on to the Finnish public. Another journalist gets her clothes ripped off and close to being raped by the Shebab on the streets of Cairo. I for one would never allow my children to visit that hell hole, the pyramids can be seen well enough from the net. KGS

Egyptian journalist attacked during Cairo protest

A female Egyptian journalist was attacked while covering a demonstration on Cairo’s central Tahrir Square demanding an immediate trial for ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, local media reported.

The journalist was interviewing participants in Friday’s rally when a quarrel broke out between them, media reports said, quoting the head of the Cairo security department.

The attackers had torn the journalist’s clothes to pieces before she managed to call police, the reports said. A police officer who arrived at the site pulled the journalist, who was about to lose her consciousness, out of the crowd and called her a taxi, but he was then attacked himself by the demonstrators, who stole his pistol and radio set.

A local imam reportedly took the police officer to hospital, where doctors described his condition as grave.

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