Finland Political Correctness


This is the kind of meme that’s acceptable to print about white people, no one ever thinks to question it, it’s taken for granted. Now if it were in the reverse, like an ethnic Finn alluding to negative attribute to blacks or other minorities, then it’s an act of racism, and is would never have been published, at least not without a qualifying remark stating that this is just an unqualified opinion. KGS

Humphrey Kalanje: “In Finland, people tend to avoid places where you have good number of Africans sitting inside,” says Humphrey Kalanje, former chair of the Finnish-Tanzanian Association.”

African Food in Finland: Hard to Find, Hard to Sell

African restaurants find it difficult to get a foothold in Finland. Even though food from African countries is often tipped to be the next fashion after Asian cuisine, some of the— rather few—restaurants that open cannot make it on the Finnish market.

At the World Village Festival in Helsinki this past weekend, African food was in abundance. However, it is difficult to find it elsewhere. More here.


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