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Too bad it wasn’t the day of the elections, we could have been spared the embarrassing spectacle of a supposedly ‘conservative’ party (National Coalition) trying to coalesce a government from a bunch of Marxists. KGS

HS: True Finns Most Popular Party

published today 06:53 AM

A baloon with a True Finns logo.

Image: YLE / Anssi Leppänen

The True Finns Party enjoys more popular support than any other party in Finland, according Helsingin Sanomat. Over 21 percent of the public would vote for the True Finns if elections were held now.

The other parties to improve their standing after the election were the parliament’s biggest National Coalition Party and the Green League, which suffered election losses.

The survey, commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat from pollster TNS Gallup, shows the True Finns leading in popular backing with 21.2 percent support and the National Coalition Party following closely with 20.9 percent, It should be noted, however, that the difference falls within the survey’s margin of error, which for the biggest parties amounts to 2 percentage points.


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