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The only reason why the True Finns’ governing body is taking this seriously, is because of the success of the loons in deeming the innocuous word, negro, “a slur”. So they have to now take measures inside the party to censure the new MP. His statements were pretty much common sense arguments in favor of putting refugees to work, work mind you, that he himself has done years ago. KGS

NOTE: Hakkarainen also stated that Finland doesn’t need Islam, circumcision, nor the wearing of headscarves, they do not belong to Finnish culture.

UPDATE: SDP Finnish president upset about xenophobia in Finland (Loser-Leftist president, she should know all about bigorty, it comes from her Leftist ideology and party) Click here.

New True Finns MP Teuvo Hakkarainen, when questioned by his parliamentary group’s leadership, has denied having used a racial slur in an interview with the newspaper Jämsän Seutu. The True Finns’ parliamentary group considered Hakkarainen’s latest interview scandal on Wednesday.

The interview published by Jämsän Seutu quotes Hakkarainen using the word “neekeri”, which is considered a serious racial slur. In the same interview, Hakkarainen was of the opinion that refugees should be put to work clearing up forests.

According to YLE information, Hakkarainen told the True Finns’ parliamentary group leadership that he had not himself used the word in his online interview with the paper.

The True Finns’ parliamentary group considered the matter and the evidence. The group chair, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner, says that the group leadership will present the group with a proposal on what action to take in regard to Hakkarainen.

“If action is taken, the punishment can come in form of a notice, a warning, suspension from the group or permanent exclusion from the group,” Ruohonen-Lerner elaborated.

Hakkarainen was involved in another interview scandal a month ago, when he used the offending word to describe a certain kind of immigrants arriving at Finland’s borders in a video interview with the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

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  1. Hilarious – ill informed, badly written and littered with grammatical and spelling errors.

    Perhaps you can start by telling us in which countries “nigger” is NOT considered a slur?

    No, of course you can’t.

    Because you are illiterate.

    1. Your response is incoherent. I never said that the word “nigger” was not a slur. The word “neekeri” in it’s proper form is NEGRO. So all your talk of illiteracy is rather amusing, when you can’t even manage to understand a simple point. Try again.

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