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The Tundra Tabloids published the story yesterday via Esther at the Islam In Europe blog, and now it’s an article at the J’Lem Post which was forwarded the picture of the Aftenposten newspaper of the offending headline. The Aftenposten removed the headline from its internet version, but the TT wasn’t aware that it made it’s way into the actual print. NIJ blog found a copy and tool a snap shot of it. KGS

It literally reads: Rich Jews threaten Obama

Picture courtesy of the Norway, Israel and the Jews blog. Great going!

Benny Weinthal at JPost:

‘Rich Jews threaten Obama,’ Norwegian headline reads

05/24/2011 08:23

Norway’s largest paper, “Aftenposten,” runs controversial headline in its Saturday edition; edits title online after reader complaints.

BERLIN – The Oslo-based edition of Norway’s largest newspaper,Aftenposten, ran a headline in its Saturday edition stating “Rich Jews threaten Obama.” 

Only after reader complaints about the anti-Jewish tone of the headline did the newspaper edit the title on its website, writing “Jews threaten to withdraw Obama support.”

According to the news portal and pro-Israel blog called Norway, Israel and the Jews, which posted screen shots of the original headline and the subsequently changed headline, the article reported on “how segments of American Jewry, 78 percent of whom voted for Obamain 2008, find Obama to be too critical of Israel and therefore are considering pulling economic support. So there is the threat: Some ‘rich Jews’ may be considering to stop giving Obama money.”

The website noted that “on the one hand it is good to see thatAftenposten was able to recognize that the original title was unfortunate. On the other hand,Aftenposten ought to be sufficiently familiar with the history of anti-Semitism to avoid such mistakes in the first place.”


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  1. Ah, here it is again: the good old stories about Jews having a disproportional influence. And by the way ‘threaten’? They may have said: we won’t vote for you anymore, but I think a lot of people feel that way about Obama. Did they ‘threaten’ Obama in that sense that they said: we want you dead? No, they didn’t.
    I guess the mission of the Frankfurter Schule is accomplished.

  2. It goes without saying that many people who support Israel in the United States are NOT Jewish. The Norwegians haven’t quite figured that out yet.

    It would be nice if someone in the Democratic Party would challenge Barack O’Bama for the Democratic Party nomination for 2012.

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