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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

–“Our conflict has never been about establishing a Palestinian state, but about the Arabs not accepting a Jewish state.”

–“Time for Abbas to accept a Jewish state”.

–“In any real peace agreement, some of Israel’s settlements will remain.”

–“Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 67′.

–“The Palestinian refugee problem will be decided outside the borders of Israel.”

–“J’lem must remain the undivided capital of Israel.”

–“Vital that Israel maintains a presence in the Jordan River area.”

–“Peace cannot be imposed, it must be negotiated.”

–“It must be negotiated with people who are partners for peace.”

–“Hamas leader condemned the killing of Osama Bin-Laden.”

–“To Abbas, tear up your pact with Hamas, and make with peace with Israel.”

UPDATE: person of the book says:
24/05/2011 at 19:19

“I loved his speech. He made some very good points. By the way the women who shouted during Netanyahu congress speech was Rae Abileah, a JVP activist and CODEPINK staffer. She also disrupted him at JFNA.”

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  1. I loved his speech. He made some very good points. By the way the women who shouted during Netanyahu congress speech was Rae Abileah, a JVP activist and CODEPINK staffer. She also disrupted him at JFNA.

  2. The MSM keeps prattling on about the Arab Spring, hoping against reason that the Muslim /Arab world will take to liberal democracy. But what comes to my mind when I hear “Arab Spring” is

    Spring time for Muslims and Araby,
    The ummah is happy and not gay,
    Winter for Christians and Jews..

  3. OT:

    Scotland: Glasgow Districts Boycott Israeli Books

    They are going to boycot everything that is made in Israel. But Iran? No, they are not going to do that. Morons.

  4. BFD!

    These are not new talking points. KGS can articulate them just as well. I think KGS should address a Joint Session of Congress and save PM Netanyahu the time and expense. :+)

    The Arab/Muslim world is crumbling all around us. U.S./Pakistani relations are in free-fall. Look at a map! How do we get our troops home if Pakistan becomes hostile to the USA?

    President O’Bama was on the verge of getting his ass kicked over this. That’s why he made a big grandstand play over Israel. Regardless of the President’s scapegoating Israel for all the problems in the world, the fact is that he used the words “Israel” and “borders” in the same sentence and this enrages Muslim enemies of Israel.

    The President’s policy speech on the Middle East made no Muslim friends of the U.S. That wasn’t his purpose. His purpose was to divert public attention away from the erosion of the Arab and Muslim nations to the Islamists who want to destroy these nations and establish a Caliphate. Such a Caliphate will be an imperial power hostile to the United States. Heaven forbid anyone should notice the President’s mis-management of American foreign policy on this! Far better to steer the news media and public attention toward everybody’s favorite scapegoat.

    I guess I’m just pounding sand. The O’Bama Administration has successfully distracted Israel’s very best friends away from a serious and immediate problem. I’m just glad KGS and Tundra Tabloids reported on that attack on the Pakistan military base. This is where I think our attention should be focused; not on a dead-on-arrival “peace process”.

    Just sayin’,

    TINSC (There is NO Santa Claus)

    1. Thanks TINSC, You of course offer a lot of valid points. I personally believe that he was ill advised in trying to sound “balanced” in his approach to the conflict, in preperation for his second run for the WH, and it fell flat for all the reasons we have shown. He’s also trying to deflect attention from elsewhere as you point out. It was a total fiasco, which was entirely of his own doing. Cya soon in the states., leaving today

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