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The Tundra Tabloids appreciates Condell’s views of the EU, they’re identical to the Tundra Tabloids’. The TT also hopes that Mr.Condell will one day come to realize that Israel has the same claims to self determination and right to its own cities without international powers dictating what it can and cannot do, even in determining its own capital. Hopefully someone will kindly pass that one on ahead to Mr.Condell. KGS

NOTE: Please do listen to Condell’s vlog, it’s well worth it.

H/T: Henrik R. Clausen

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  1. Funny you mention his views on Israel. I discovered that a while back ago. He doesn’t understand what’s going on over there. Too infected with the BBC-virus I guess. I’m not a huge fan of Pat Condell, although he does make good points in some video’s.

  2. Actually, Pat Codell has changed his mind. In a recent video he says that the Jews SHOULD keep Jerusalem.

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