This murderous scum bag knows no level of barbarity he won’t stoop to. Always present on his mind, is the thought of himself, members of his cabinet and relatives standing with their backs against the wall with the sounds of bang, bang, bang, volleying towards their chests. KGS

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids does sincerely hope that those killed were Muslim Brotherhood mustards, and not normal folks.

Syrian forces fire into crowds as thousands protest

Syrian security forces fired live rounds into crowds gathered for at least two protests in the central city of Homs, an activist in the city said, as pro-democracy demonstrations erupted across the country on Friday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the coastal city of Banias, which was stormed by the army this month, witnessed the largest demonstration since the uprising began in southern Syria nine weeks ago. (Reuters)



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      1. There is also a Dutch boat going. Rumour has it that there aren’t many goods on the boat. The flotilla is organised by well known Dutch Jewhaters.

  1. Just shows how little influence a tertiary education has on the development of character.

    An opthalmologist with UK qualifications, married to an English woman if my memory serves me correctly, and now revealing his core values about the sanctity of life.

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