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This is satire, but in a way it isn’t. The U.S. president better be careful before he sets a precedent in motion. KGS

H/T: Dennis Mitzner  (who recently posts on the same thing, click here.)

NOTE: From Dan Friedman.  “This is not all satire- there are radical latino groups on American college campuses who are calling for the return of southwestern land  to Mexico.”

Netanyahu Urges U.S. Return to 1845 Borders

Israeli PM calls for “just solution” to end the conflict.

Aboard Air Force Aleph (Reuters) – Speaking to reporters accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his long flight to the United States tonight, Netanyahu spoke of the injustice and hardship Mexicans have endured since American forces annexed Texas in 1845. “Tens of thousands of ordinary Mexicans were driven out of their homes – the only homes they had known for centuries – and forced to live in poverty and squalor south of the border imposed by American aggression,” Netanyahu said.

“The Israeli and Mexican people agree on this: This festering wound will never heal until America takes bold steps to return to the internationally accepted lines of 1845. Clearly the settlement activity that’s taken place in occupied Mexico since then is illegal. When I meet the President tomorrow I will tell him to halt all building activity in Texas immediately. Two lands for two peoples, yes, but not on land taken by force from Mexico,” the Prime Minister said.

Asked if his hard-line stance could hurt the U.S.-Israel relationship, Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s commitment to America’s security and the unshakeable friendship shared by the two countries, then added, “But who was it who said, part of friendship is being able to tell your friend the truth. The ball is now in Obama’s court.”

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    1. I would agree with this except for the fact that our amy isnt killing innocen civilians just the same as the isreali and palestanian armies…no matter if its by mortar or suicide bomb its still messed up and if they just gave the palestenians some land it could all be over. Imagine that, people growing up.

      1. Hi EG, The Arab were offered a state of their own on many occasions, only to turn it down and ramp up the violence. It’s been tried, believe me, the Israelis want normal neighbors, at least those not trying to actively blow them up in pizza parlors and discos.

      2. The us military is invading counties as we speak. Perhaps you should wake up and turn of the TV.

        1. Johan: “The us military is invading counties as we speak. Perhaps you should wake up and turn of the TV.” Which is to mean exactly what? Saving Muslim lives from other murderous Muslims is wrong? Ok, why not deal with the evilness of these arabs not the US response to their evil.

          1. God bless Israel and HIS people, God bless PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
            I am compleatly agree, US should return to 1845 borders with Mexico.
            The only difference is that that land belonged in the past to Mexico, but Jerusalem and the west bank have always belonged to the jews.

      3. Those pulling the strings are committed to Israel’s destruction. That’s why EVERY attempt and concession has failed. There are but two choices: Israel’s destruction or a post-Islamic attitude among its enemies. I don’t see either happening, sooo, the fighting goes on. eg: if you see it otherwise, my apologies for having to say this, but you’re simply naive.

      4. EG, Right back atcha, the Palestinians are also killing innocent Israelis women and children. Israel waits until it can’t take it anymore and then defends itself. If President Obama had any back bone he would tell the Palestinians to go pound sand. I have no problem with them other than the fact that they kill innoncent Israelis. Get it right!!

        1. Thanks Jim, I agree with you all the way. If the Palestinians lay down their guns, a mutual agreement would be agreed upon and peace woudl break out. If Israel laid down its guns, the arabs would run over them murdering and raping and driving them all out of the region. It’s that simple to understand.

      5. your a fool to think that if Israel would just give the Palestinians
        land that it will all be over then . The Islamic world wants Israel
        wiped of the map.Stop getting your information from the leftist
        media and do some real investigating and you just might be surprised to find out who is doing the attacking.Israel is the victim in all of this.

      6. History!
        You really should read it or at least think.
        Gaza was given back did that stop the bombs?

        1. Excellent point Mike Mckee. All it earned them was more attacks of terrorism.

      7. EG, stfu and learn something. Better yet, just stfu. You are unable to learn anything.

      8. Seriously? r u kidding? don’t u listen to them? it will NEVER b over! these people hate Israel and want all Israelies DEAD! do u not know this? they say it outright ALL the time. A little land isn’t going to satisfy them, they were already given land, and nothing has changed except that now they want a different piece of land. A little more and a little more until Israel is “driven into the sea” …. hmmmm, where have we heard that phrase before? one cannot reason with the obsessed, demon possessed, crazy, hate-driven, and homocidal lunatics! this attitude is something that has been driven into this people for generations. they are raised/programmed to hate others. There is no sense to it! This is something that normal/sane people do not understand.
        Israel has a little bitty piece of land and the muslims have land 1oo’s of times larger that surrounds this tiny little piece of land that the Israelies live on, and they are not satisfied. why can’t they just let Israel have that tiny piece of land, for peace and harmonies sake? no, they want it ALL! this has been going on since Abraham got rid of Hagar and her hateful son Ishmael, and it will continue until Messiah returns and puts EVERYONE in their place!

      9. Sorry, but Israel has been attacked multiple times and had they lost those wars, there would be no Israel. With war and being attacked the spoilage of it is land. Israel has every right to keep the land from it’s enemies or attackers.

      10. Well, you’re right in a sense. The US is not NOW killing innocent civilians in a move to conquer those American Occupied Territories that extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. We all know that European white settlers conquered the Native Americans in a war of subjugation and extermination. It all happened back in the 1800s. It’s over now because the aboriginal Americans were reduced in population to a tiny percentage and were forced onto reservations. So you can’t say that the United States is not guilty of this just because their success was confirmed 100 years or more back and there are no more “Injuns” to conquer!

        1. That is not exactly true rabelad. That’s the Left’s version of events, but what they refuse to deal with at all, is the fact that Indians (aboriginals) were involved in land feuds and wars and claiming each other’s property.

          In short, there’s nothing new under the sun, except for the Left, when it’s white people involved.

      11. Really? How many times has ISRAEL offered land “back” to the Arabs, The Temple Mount has been in the Jews hands since the time of Abraham our forefather. There have been numerous times where cease-fires, and building had been discontinued in order for the P.A. to force down on terrorism in their parts and to discontinue their JIHAD and suicide bombers. Arabs had sent mothers with babies in their carriages next to their bombs into Israeli hospitals who offered to help them as a courtesy.
        They had terror organization camps located in abandoned school buildings. They recruit their young ones to go on JIHAD for ALLAH against Israel. The only thing Israel has ever done was to defend themselves against people who had no morals to kill themselves.
        Enough is Enough!

      12. WE HAVE,
        but what has it done just moved the rockets closer the Israeli citizens.

        Remember they were told to leave by their brothers, while the rest of the arab world thought , they would take ALL the land back from the new country in ’48

      13. …”and if they just gave the palestenians some land it could all be over”. SOME LAND? Eg, do a bit of research…they want it all & they say it out loud..Obama knows it, Congress knows it, anyone who listens to them – knows it. The land you think will satisfay them, i.e. “the west bank” was under Jordanian control till 1967, when 3 arab nations attacked Israel. During Jordanian control, they did not dare confront the King with any demands for independence, yet when Israel won the 1967 war against 3 arab armies & sent them back to their mothers… (u know what)
        The Palestinians all of a sudden have re discovered themselves.
        Please….do some research. Thanx.

    2. couldn’t find where to make a “new” post….. So…
      why stop with giving back to Mexico? why not go further back and give the entire country back to the Native American Indians? Since the terrorist attacks on the US, I personally witnessed their (the Native American Indians) claims that the “white-man” was their terrorists. We could just give it all back and let them fight it out! But, u know, America wouldn’t be what it has been, until the Obamanation, if the “white-man” hadn’t moved in and made things better. We were the greatest nation in the world! Now, not so much. And guess what folks, it’s only gonna get worse. Now, we have a boat load of muslims here, with more on the way, and the change Obama was talking about has begun. Oh yeah, they are sneaking in and buying up everything they can get their hands on (especially fuel sources) and are already taking over entire towns(electing their own into and taking over police departments and local/city governments), right here in “River City”! So let the Mexicans and the Indians have it back! I’ll be going to take up residence in Israel, because God will ALWAYS have His hand over her! America, if she turns her back on Israel, not so much.

  1. I agree as long as it could be fenced off….keep the San Francisco Lib’s an Mexicans in Mexico…..HAHAHA

    1. I hope you get eye cancer, and then I hope the cancer in your eye gets AIDS.

      1. Amen! Obama is probably is probably already on this. Start packing California.

      2. wow, thats mature.
        what?, did u just HAVE to post SOMETHING/ANYTHING, so thats all u could come up with? Did u just wanna see ur name on here with something behind it? brother, grow up!
        Father God, may any and all curses fall back on their sender, until the hour of their repentance, and have no effect on those to whom they are aimed. In the name of Your Son Yeshua, and by the power of Your Holy Spirit! Amen

    1. He’s so Anti-American that he might give it a go.

  2. If this was serious I would be extremely angry right now… coming from a hypocritical government that is illegally occupying palestinian territory.

    1. It was satire. That said, Israel is not illegally occupying anything, as UNSCR242 proves by default.

      1. No Robert – you have been sold a pup about the so-called illegal occupation of palestinian (sic) territory.

        For Pete’s sake man, grab yourself a bunch of history books, especially about Middle Eastern history and get to grips with the historical facts.

        So stick around mate and I guarantee you will learn a bunch of stuff you won’t get in the main stream media.

    2. Not being a ass but dude we kicked mexico out of texas same as isreal backed off the PLO in ther gaza so you saying they are doing anything wrong is admiting we have as well even if it was 100 years before they did it, so shut up please and read ur history books country borders have changed more then ur babies diaphers and yet no one but idiots say hey u should go back to so and so date

      1. please construct your sentences better, just what exactly are you saying? Remember, it’s satire, with a political point. Those who point fingers unjustifiably, have as many pointing back at them. that’s all the post is trying to say.

        1. I get the point being made here but there are (at least for the time being) slight differences between these two situations…

          1) The US doesn’t take the opportunity to violate UN resolutions and grab another piece of Mexico every time the world is preoccupied with an unrelated event. The border remains (officially) unchanged over time.

          2) The US does not have pieces of Mexico surrounded geographically, with Mexicans’ homes encased within cages ‘for their protection’ while armed military patrols enforce curfews for their families using whatever force they deem necessary.

          3) The US government doesn’t shoot Mexican citizens who cross those borders. They give them ‘free’ housing, education, medical care, and food – paid for by currently-struggling working class legal citizens, while conveniently ignoring their own national constitutional laws that were put in place to protect those aforementioned working citizens from ever suffering such unwarranted tyranny.

          Personally, if the Israelis want to be asses then that’s their own business and they can piss off whichever of their neighbors they see fit – so long as they do it WITHOUT the fail-safe guarantee that the US government will send its citizens to die protecting them from retribution for it, and that they do it WITHOUT billions of dollars yearly from those same US citizens already being forced to pay for Mexican non-citizens breaking US laws and abusing the currently broken system. It’s none of our business, and our blood and wallets are none of theirs.

          1. Chris, thanks for responding, but you’re way off base.

            1.) By implication you’re saying that Israel is violating UN resolutions at will. Which ones please, the ones issued by the OIC and Arab League dominated General Assembly? You can wipe your arse with those, they are not worth the paper they’re written on.

            2.) Israel does not have the Arabs surrounded, they are in control of around 90% of the land they are in charged with, as for contiguous areas, how is that Alaska and Hawaii manage rather well without being physically attached to the mainland?

            3.) Given the environment which sees Arabs continuously trying to infiltrate Israeli borders to do physical harm to its civilians, there is no other choice than to target specifically those breaking down border fences to ploy their way in. What would you have them to do, hand out flowers and road maps of the immediate area?

            4.) As for the loans the US issues Israel on the weapons industry, the US gets its bang for the buck in return from their fellow democracy, something that they never get from Egypt and elsewhere in the ME where they throw good money after bad. The Israeli defense industry is a sound investment for the US, as everyone who’s involved with it can attest.

            5.) Not one US soldier or airman has died in a military action because they were exclusively protecting Israel. You’re going to have to caugh up alot evidence to prove otherwise.

          2. Israel is one of very few truly democratic nations in the Middle East and when your attacked by an enemy who wants you blown off the face of the earth (ie Iran’s President repeats often and many fellow Middle Eastern’s believe too).
            Then you protect and fight for your right to survival. With war their is risk to life, land and liberty.
            Israel won those battles and has the right to keep the land they held after the fight.

    3. Don’t expose things you know nothing of. God had given that land to Abraham

    4. The Arab refugee problem (Palestine) was created by the seven Arab countries that attacked Israel in 1948. Arab refugees were intentionally not integrated in the Arab countries to which they fled, despite the total territory of Arab countries is about 700 times larger than Israel. Of a total of approximately 100 million refugees since World War II, they are the only refugee group in the world that have not been absorbed by their own people. The Arab nations keep generations of descendants of the refugees in the so-called “refugee camps” in squalid conditions in the hope that one day they will get rid of the Jews from Israel.

      1. I agree with one exception Lena, the palestinains don’t live in squalid conditions. Isreal funds Palestine to the tune of billions annualy while other Middle-eastern nations that claim to care give nothing. Most Palestinians enjoy excellent health-care, have abundant food, and their living conditions are ideal with auto and home provided. Little to no work is required to enjoy this Isreal funded life-style. The real issue is, the Koran teaches religious intolerance and that Jews are like swine in the eyes of Allah. The real issue is pure racism and religious devotion to hatred.

      2. Very well said!!! and also people in their ignorance seem to forget that Israel is only about the size of New Jersey!!

    5. I dont know what alternate reality your living in, but Israel is not “illegally” occupying palistine. You see, if you had actually done your history rather than spitting out your liberal communist venom, you would know that Palistine does not offically exist. You see, the fascist U.N, much less any other nation, does not recognize Palistine as an independent nation. So as such, Palistine cannot be illegally occupied. Secondly, before palistine came into the picture, fundamental Islamics (85 % of muslims) began violent riots and demanded that Israel give them some land and allow them to elect their own government. So Israel, being merciful and wanting peace, gave them what they wanted. Soon after, Palistinians started electing Islamics fundamentalists who called for more blood shed and more territory. So the palistinians along with the help of Hamas, began more violence, which includes the thousands of rockets Hamas fires on Isreali neighborhoods today. Killing Isreali men, women, and children. It is only then that Israel strikes back.

    6. That land was promised to the Jews whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not. The Jews are Gods chosen people…..and whether or not you like it or believe it, makes no difference……because the Jews are going to get a lot more land. God promised them land that they have never occupied……….. however, one day they will. Your unbelief or dislike of the Jews or Israel does not negate the truth of the Word of God.

      1. Seriously?? The Old Testiment is out my friend. The only chosen people are those that trust in Jesus Christ…regardless of race or origin.

        1. Matt, replacement theology is no longer viewed as a valid concept by the overwhelming majority of Christian denominations.

    7. Read Numbers 34 and you will see where Israel’s “Land” IS…..

    8. There is any never has been a “Palestine”. Those “refugees” have been kept homless as pawns to beat up Israel when there is plenty of room and precedent for them to be be settled in Jordan, from which most of them hail. KSG and Raymond are right, you need to do some research. Or just keep reading posts like ours with an open mind.

  3. I’ve never even heard of a festering Israeli Mexican wound.
    Is that like gangland greencard? Or is that greenlands gangcard?
    Like a G of A plastered card. Go for the Green, you’ll see what we mean.

  4. Ya think th one might be able to reflect on the gravity of what he was pandering to the muslims with out understanding?

  5. The 1845 disputed boundary dates from the annexation of Texas by the U.S. Much more of Obama and it might be time to undo the annexation. The Texas Rangers helped us hang onto the Nueces Strip then; I imagine we can still hang onto it.

    1. Hi 6th Gen Texan, I’m proud of Texan history, I would never suggest that Mexico has a right to it…just highlighting the absurdity of Obama’s demands.

    2. One little tidbit… Texas was not annexed, it was by treaty.

    3. Don’t forget; the territory of Tejas got independence fever from Tejanos earlier declaring their independence from Mexico and forming the Republic of the Rio Grande. After several skirmishes one the generals turn-coat over to Mexico and that started beginning of the end of their attempt at independence.
      Quite frankly if one really seeks the true history of this issue it is one of greed between European decedents. From the south it was Spaniards, French & Italians, et al and from the North it was English and other Northern Europeans.
      It was the indigenous Indians that got screwed by both sides; especially by the Spanish missionary’s attempts to civilize the natives by hook or crook, but that’s another topic.

  6. don’t write articles with this title. You got me excited, then i read a sentence and got pissed

  7. Love the satire. But unfortunately, Obama is so ridiculously infested with stupidity, so let’s just keep this funny our little ‘ol secret so Obama doesn’t copy it, eh?

  8. satire my arse..ive said many things in the past to see what peoples attitudes are over things are…politics, the weather..whether a woman would have me arrested over making a pass…everything under the sun…this was directed at getting a reaction…i’m not about to sit here and laugh about shit like, crap i just did..damnit….the idea of given any territory earned with blood back to those who lost it is sickening, especially if time has passed..think about it. if everyone gave back the land they took, where would we be…because before man there where animals and they’d have a right to get it back..and before them the bugs…if your religious…giving it all back would lead back to …oh hell….lets not get into theology, my head already hurts…peace!

    1. @Eugene..Your simple to the point comment was the best yet..:-) Where would we all be if all of us were to give the land back? Ha!!! people really do need to wake up and educate themselves…

    2. Exactly. Israel was attacked they won they keep the land. Otherwise England may decide they don’t like how Europe is turning out and ask for the US back. We know how that would go over.

      1. Kelly, the TT would like to take the time to say thanks for your input, and for your support for Israel.

  9. It would be more fun if I didn’t know Texas History. Texas was a Republic before it joined the U.S. Texans (including mexicans) fought long and hard freeing themselves from Mexico. They are one of the only states that can return to a Republic if they ever wanted to.

    That being said, Our president is a huge duffis – this is just another one of his gaffs. He said he didn’t know much about foreign policy when he was running for president. And this is why, when picking a president, you pick one with experience!

    1. Mindy Lou, thanks for responding, if more people actually knew about the 67′ War (Six day War for many) they would automatically understand the point being driven here. The claims and demands being made by Obama have to be undertood in the context of your comment on the satire post.


    1. Hey Galaxie! So what are you saying? Another US President could be in danger like Kennedy was for Bitch slapping Ben Gurion? US Citizens should fear Israel? F*** YOU!

      1. So know you’re saying the evil Jews offed Kennedy. What a wanker.

      2. Who the heck made America better than everybody else! Yes, U.S. citizens should fear Israel and with good reason! We purposely snub them and couldn’t care less if their land is taken over by Palestine, or should I say a portion of American citizens feel that way! Our citizens are NOT, and I repeat, are NOT any better than those of Israel, China, Peru, or any other nation. God created us all equal.

    2. There have been Jews in constant occupation of that land since they first arrived there. Israel as a nation may have scattered, but some Jews did remain there. Much as one occupant on a disabled boat
      can keep it from being claimed by scavengers, that area has never been “Jew-free” since first being settled.

  11. This map is not accurate. Texas won the battle with Santa Ana (Santa Ana surrendered) in 1836 and Texas became a republic. In 1845, Texas became a state. This map is way earlier.

    1. The border that is depicted with Mexico was under dispute throughout the existence of the Republic, with Texas claiming that the boundary was the Rio Grande, and Mexico claiming the Nueces River as the boundary. This dispute would later become a trigger for the Mexican–American War, after the annexation of Texas by the United States.

    2. Also keep in mind the Hundreds of Mexicans who sided with the U.S and fought and died to be part of the United States. all these Idiots flaming this Mexican Border stuff should go to South Texas and tell a Real Tex/Mex American descendant of that war to go back to Mexico or Texas should be given back, go ahead, I dare you…lol

    3. I think Texas should return to their own nation. A vote should be taken in Texas and if most voters favor it, so it shall be. At least, it would be a good, fair succession, no blood shed.

      1. I have family in Texas, and the one thing I can say about them is that Texas is self supporting and is doing way better than the rest of the US!

  12. why not go even further and kick everyone out and return the land to the indians? we can all go back to europe or wherever we came from.. Netanyahu is a real yahoo. israel is built on land stolen from Palastine, let them leave there, return their stolen lands and set an example. land won in a war is fair game. i think we need to annex mexico and make it a state and crack down on all these drug cartels. if the mexicans keep coming over here they will own the whole country anyway in a generation or two anyway.

    1. Eric, Palestine is a region like Scandinavia, there is no state called Scandinavia and an ethnic group claiming to be the “Scandinavians”. The Mandate was divided up between the Arab and Jews, with Jordan getting a major chunk, and Israel getting a sliver on the other side to be yet divided with yet another Arab state. Jews did not steal anything, any more than the US stole their southern states with Mexico. That’s the point or the satire.

    1. Mary C. that’s a load of crap, that incident was an act of friendly fire, the US has smoked far more Brits and other allies in Iraq then the Israelis in the height of the 67′ War, when the US denied it had a ship in the area. Please take your jew-baiting conspiracy mongering elsewhere. That’s a very worn out boiler plate red herring.

      1. Really KGS?? wanna go to a USS LIBERTY veterans memorials and tell the kids who’s fathers were slaughtered under a Plain in sight U.S flag the ship wasn’t there? Care to tell the Israeli Pilot who told his commander it was a US ship and then was told to sink it anyway Next you’ll say Israel’s Lavon Affair is a Jew baiting lie, thats the problem with Zionists, they make the true Hebrew People look bad and turn people against us.

        1. Absolutely Johnny Vasco, I will be the first to tell them that friendly fire incidents do in fact occur, with unfortunate consequences and usually the result of long line of mistakes. The US took out an umpteenth number of British soldiers during operation Iraqi freedom, as well as plane to ship strafings and sinkings etc.. It happens. What causes your blood to boil is that it was the Israelis, you make it sound as if friendly fire incidents never occurred until then. If you want to go into a litany of undercover ops the US has committed, and compare them to an Israeli op, well go on ahead, take us there. You’ll find that Israel, like other states carry out ops that are not liked by others. The US as well.

          1. Thank you KGS and DAN for your comments. People want to make Israel the guilty party, but the Palestinians have a home, it’s called Jordan. Israel needs their space for security.

        2. Hmmm,
          who do YOU think are “the true Hebrew people??
          every other religion wants to annihilate the Jews so they
          can become the “true Hebrew people” without doing any of the work!

  13. Regarding Texas history:
    Texas was a nation, not a territory. Therefore, it was not annexed, it joined by treaty with the US. It became a nation, a republic, in 1836 by a Declaration of Independence, a struggle, victory, and a peace treaty with Mexico. Years later, after Santa Ana had been sent home, Mexico regigged on the treaty and declared war on Texas. The US had recognized Texas and allied with them. Thus, the Mexican American War. The US/Texas coalition of course prevailed easily. The US didn’t really want all of Mexico but the allies were on the march to Mexico City when the Mexicans ceded what is now southwestern US for a treaty. The allies pulled back to the new borders and thus was born the remaining western territories.
    Personal note: You have sovereignty rights to a parcel of land only if you can hold and control the land. It helps to be recognized by the rest of the world but claiming, holding and controlling is what makes a nation.
    Another personal note: a country that cannot control its borders in either not a country or won’t be a country for long.

  14. My Dad used to tell me when growing up.Son,when the day comes America turns it’s back on Israel,,GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER.Cause the shits gettin ready to hit the fan.LMAO,,6 months ago it was Obama will be a one termer.LMAO!Now there sayin no-one can beat him.Welcome to the NWO.Hussein was a done deal & the ink had dried before the election was over.

  15. Just withdraw military support to Israel and tax the Jewish commite(All Jewish companys avoid to pay tax with the exucuse they give the money to Israel).Make a real USA base like Crete in Palastaine too support our campaign against terrorists who find refuge in Iran.And i dont care if they call me Antisemitc first above all i am USA Citizen.And is a shame for the winner of ww2 against Fashism and Nazis to see the same story again and do nothing Go Obama GO!!!!

    1. Papari, Your suggestion reeks of ignorance, the US gains more from its relationship ( as in technology and expertise) than folks like you would care to admit. You would just chuck that all away,… and give it to the Chinese or other states that would love to develop a tight relationship with the Jewish state for the exact same reasons… research and development. Nope, the US will stay tied to the hip with Israel, and besides, the American people will always side with a fellow democracy over that of thugs and jihadis.

      Remember, the Palestinians rejoiced on 9/11 and wept when Osama bin-Laden was killed.

    2. Lesse, on one side we have a democracy, on the other, we have essentially dictatorships. Hmm, I’ll bet we see ourselves more closely aligned with the interests of a fellow democracy. And on one hand we have a culture whose values look alot like the western values and cultures from which we spring, on the other is a culture which sees ours as an impediment to their eventual global domination. Again, I’d say we see ourselves refelcted more in the former than the latter. So why is there any question as to whom we support?

  16. While I fully support Israel in its current dispute with the US, yours is an interesting but fallacious parallel. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo gave Mexicans the right to become citizens. The fact is that those who did so integrated with US culture and are obviously better off than those who didn’t. The fact that Mexicans migrate illegally into the US indicates that Hispanics favor our political system over their homelands. Illegal or not, our dominion over the old Mexican territory is a socioeconomic success. Ironically, the losers in the struggle, Mexicans who currently fall under the Mexican political system would have been better off if the entire country of Mexico had been conquered. Mexicans should be standing on their northern border holding signs stating “PLEASE INVADE US!”.

    1. Horace, for the umpteenth time, the satire shows the foolishness in promoting the 67′ borders meme, with juxtaposing the 1845 one. There isn’t a justification for either.

  17. Apparently, a lot of people never heard of Pancho Villa or how that the Mexicans were robbing and murdering Americans that had settled in Texas and the Southwest. If they hadn’t messed with us, they’d still have their land. Also, look up the Gadston Purchase. As for “Palestinians,” they are Jordanians that migrated to Palestine after WWII because King Hussein wanted to control that area. Look up “Transjordan.” When the former Jordanians tried to return to Jordan, Hussein wiped out several hundred thousand of them. In the 1948 war, “Palestinians were invited to join their “Arab Brothers” and divide the spoil after Israel was wiped out. They left their homes to join the invading Arab armies and then wanted them back after they lost the war. Sorry Charlie!

  18. How much mo MORE proof do we need in order to know that Obama is either a lost fool or a dangerous enemy in the White House. He must be removed at any cost. People need to stop bickering over the state of Israel and accept that supporting Israel is the far better choice when the alternative is handing her into Moslem hands. We must concentrate on getting the America Killer, Obama, out of the White House and into the Big House. Out of the White House and into the Big House!
    Out of the White House and into the Big House!
    Out of the White House and into the Big House!
    Out of the White House and into the Big House! Out of the White House and into the Big House!Out of the White House and into the Big House!

    1. Sgt.Koranflusher, I agree with you, Obama must be removed through the ballot box in 2012.

  19. This is a fun game. Let’s take situations that are different from the standpoint of International law and equate them. 2 suddenly equals 3! YAY! Winning!

    Mexico formally ceded its lands as a condition of the US’s acceptance of its surrender. Israel did not push the Arabs to surrender (being isolated internationally due to it being viewed as the “initial aggressor” — the notion of a justified preemptive/defensive attack still hasn’t been fully accepted in international law, the US’s little forays into Afghanistan and especially Iraq notwithstanding), and so no one ceded anything, something Israel goes back and forth on admitting and denying.

    Israel, legally, should either pull back to the pre-1967 lines, negotiate something different (land swaps, anyone?), or simply annex the lands formally (which as I understand it, Israel has never done) and get on with it. Then we’d have something to talk about.

    But until then, this kind of comparison is just a stupid distraction (which is what the Internet is good for) and doesn’t at all show the foolishness of the 1967 borders “meme” (in fact, it reinforces that notion rather strongly from an international law standpoint).

  20. Folks, let’s let cooler heads prevail. No need for drastic measures. First, Obama has already approached the Mexico angle, when he invited Presidente Calderon over to lecture Arizona about how it’s unconstitutional for the state to enforce (illegal) immigration laws. I think a simpler approach for Netanhayu is to request that on a ‘proportional’ basis, the U.S. should follow what it suggests Israel do with it’s border. After applying some basic ‘rithmetic, my calculations are that we would have to roll back our borders to 1940, which means that we’d lose Hawaii and Alaska. There goes a strategic military site as well as tourism dollars and ANWAR. I had already posted this on my FB page in the hopes that the Prez would see it, but he’s busy at the moment searching for his Irish roots.

  21. Okay gang! Quit rattling the sabres and keep the biting comments to yourself!

    This is satire, but in a way it isn’t.

    If Prime Minister Netanyahu did make such a challenge to President Obama, it would have been more a way to point out that Israel can no more go back to their previous borders than the US should be expected to return to ours.

    1. Thanks Ron, you’re one of the few that have focused on that salient point.

  22. No one replied, though my point is pretty clear. Maybe I wrote too many words (I know, words are hard). Because Israel gave up and accepted a cease fire at the end of the six days war rather than pressing on until its enemies surrendered, Israel now has essentially four choices:

    1. Keep doing the same thing its been doing (ie, vacillating between accepting a two state solution and not depending on leadership; entering into peace talks based on the old lines and then later rejecting anything to do with the old lines outright; etc. etc.);

    2. Unilaterally pull back its recognized borders (the 1967 lines are not borders folks, borders are recognized limits to a state, and no one — not even Israel on most days — thinks the 1967 lines are borders);

    3. Negotiate its way to new borders (based on the 1967 lines or not, doesn’t matter, the point would be a negotiation);


    4. Officially annex the occupied territories and be done with it.

    This last would be a game changer, but as Israel didn’t do it in 1967, what’s the chance it does it now? None, I’d say, though it’s very possibly the only real way forward on this issue. Of course, doing this would put the refugee issue front and center, and no one in Israel wants that.

    Note that none of these choices has anything to do with the U.S. – Mexico meme you’ve got going here; Mexico surrendered and ceded its lands. Fun.

    Darn, so many words again. tl;dr

  23. Remember Alamo in 1836 ? Less well known among those who fought and died along with Davy Crockett there was a Jew–Abraham Wolf. And the Mexican warrior, Santa Anna, whose troops overran the Alamao, was finally captured by a small detail lead by a Jew- Leon Dyer (1807-1883), who later rose to the rank of a Major in the Texas army. If Obama wants to go back to history to solve the world problems, then Israsel is entitled to half of the land of Texas as a tribute to those two Jews !!

  24. And BTW, I’m not a Jew, nor an American, but I always stand with Israel !!!!

  25. Actually, a more appropriate analogy is to give the Indigenous Mexicans their land back. The Jews claim the invasion and ownership of Israel based on some fictional Biblical literature. According to Aztec mythology, the Aztecs originated from what is now the Southwestern US.

  26. I have a better idea.Texas will secede from the union and go back to being a republic as it was before entering.If Mexico wants to try we’ll kick their @$$ again.

  27. First of all there are no refugee camps in Israel–they are all in the surrounding Arab countries who refuse to give the basic rights to their “brothers”. Israel closed its camps in the 50’s and gave the Arabs there full citizenship rights. Israeli Arabs are treated better than in any country in the middle east. Meanwhile the billions of $$$ given to the PA is padding the pockets of their “Leaders” just look at the expensive watches, cars, suits, homes.
    Second, and most important. Wake UP! If you listen to the Arabic news they don’t just want “some land” They want the complete destruction of the Israeli state–they want it all–and then they will come for you too. As an Israeli I “live” this day to day and it is amazing how easy the world is fooled. It is too easy to show bias and the media does just that. Try looking into what is being said in the Arabic Media. Just What Part of Islam Will Dominate the World do you not understand?

  28. I have been a texas resident all my life and I would love to see it seceed from the U. S.

  29. No way in hell is this going to happen… its america now… populated by american citizens, businesses, and industry. In 1845 there was some mixed settelments, but the land was mostly wilderness… the only reason we fought for it in the first place is because there were already more americans living there than mexicans…and if the reverse is true today, then lets be fair… if mexico really wants it, let them come and take it… we all aready know how that would work out…

  30. What about a “land for peace” deal with Mexico? They can have California (with Disneyland as an international city), and they let us keep the rest.

  31. Palestinians will never cease to try to make Israel disappear because it is in their book to do so. Israel will never cease to retaliate on Palestinians because it is its national aim to protect itself. Finally, God is the reason 1 billion Muslims can’t kill 7 million Jews.

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