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This Leftist moron is careful to never mention open borders, but that is exactly what she wants.

Here’s something that should really enrage citizens of not only Canada, but any person living in any Western state as well. A Canadian “open borders” Leftist drones on about the “evils” of the state she lives in, calling it an “occupational government” and -though she chose to refrain from advocating it- expresses her desire to end all border controls and allow free immigration.

The Tundra Tabloids guarantees that this woman is a product of Leftist academic indoctrination and is hooked up with every Left-wing  fringe kook group imaginable. This is what the future looks like if normal minded people refrain from being engaged in the public debate.

The woman carries on like a robot having been programmed with an ideology that can be classified as Leftist “ultra-internationalism”, which is the direct opposite of Leftist “ultra-nationalism”. These two dangerous ideologies are in fact two sides of the same coin. She’s just lacks the hammer and sickle on her arm and picture of Lenin in the background. KGS

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids asked Vlad to kindly grab this interview and YouTube it for us. Many thanks to him for doing so, everyone has got to see the loons who are out there calling for the destruction of their own state.

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  1. Lol! This reminds me of the Michael Savage show and a really dumb girl:

      1. I know 😀 I have listened to that video about 10 times. It’s so funny!

          1. She also claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Tea Party are the same. lol!

  2. So, I guess these idiots will remove the locks from their doors at home, just in case some unknown entities want something to eat. The guests will need a bed in case they want to stay a while. They might need transportation too, so leave the keys in the car.

  3. What strikes me is the fact that she uses the exact same rhetoric as people representing a similar organization in Sweden uses. It’s as close to verbatim as it can get while being in a different language. The only real difference is that none of the leftist here really claim that Sweden is occupied territory. They may come close at time. They may talk about the Sami being an indigenous people of Sweden and how they’re not treated right, having their ancestral land stolen away etc.
    Of course, Swedes are equally indigenous but they don’t like to mention that. If they did, then using the same rhetoric as they do about the Sami, they’d should recognize the Swedes right to their land, shouldn’t they?

    For myself, my ancestry includes Sami – but I’m not hyphenated. Swedish is my only ethnicity and nationality, regardless of the ethnicity of my many many ancestors. But by using the same rhetoric as this girl, I should be entitled to a special right to this land we call Sweden, right? I mean, I descend from both indigenous peoples of Scandinavia? Or wait…Swedes are wicked white. And Sami are also wicked white…and so I’m wicked white…the “occupiers” are not wicked white…
    Open borders it is.

  4. That was pretty funny. The white racist dude was really quite gentle with her. Loved the almost stifled snort. That’s the lonely tard voice of Toronto talking through her. Canada has a Conservative majority now and her “demands” can gain no traction. She got on TV in solidarity with the folks of Turtle Island though, so she feels empowered. You go stupid girl!

  5. BTW: I do find it fascinating that she considers earlier white immigrants and their descendants to be a part of an illegal white supremacy occupation but at the same time claiming that no one (of colour) is illegal. And that letting an unlimited number of people (of colour) onto the country would make thus make it less of an occupation.

    I wonder though…has anyone ever asked any of these “indigenous peoples” what they think? I have a hard time imagining that e.g. “native Americans” like being reduced to Just Another Minority? Non-white immigrants won’t be carrying around any White Guilt, after all.

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