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This shows the depth in which the anti-Israel Left has succeeded in turning the country against Israel. The´Norwegian media helps to not only publicize such an event, they refrain from asking any of the hard questions about the political messages contained in the graffiti, that these students with learning problems are expressing. It’s a peek into the real bizarre  mindset prevalent there. KGS

Art project teaches delinquents how to spray-paint ‘free Palestine’ on subway station walls

May 16, 2011

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Aftenposten today

You could not make this up. An art project is teaching young delinquents how to express themselves by spray-painting “Free Palestine” on the walls of the subway station.

The picture above is from today’s Aftenposten, with the article heading saying “Spray fantasies on the subway” with the subtitle saying “Meet the wall in a creative way”. The title refers to how the youths in the project are being taught how to spray-paint the walls in the subway station with messages of their own choice. That’s right, they are receiving expert tuition, from a Berlin-based Norwegian artist, on how to best get their message across. The subtitle is a play on how the youths in question are in a special school for students who have “met the wall”, that is, are unable to function in a normal school.



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  1. Free Palestine. A code for Kill the Jews. Why am I not surprised that this happened in Norway?

  2. A tragedy for Norway

    17 May was Constitution day, by the way, and it seems on this national day, the King had to sit through African bongo drums performance as part of showing how international The New We is.

    Piece of good news, though – Walid Al Kubaisi’s documentary on The Muslim Brotherhood has been nominated at the Monte Carlo TV Festival 2011.

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