Using this moron’s logic both the US and its Allies should have Mirandized every citizen working in Japanese and German industrial centers, instead of carpet bombing them into submission, on the Island of the rising sun and in cities of the Third Reich. Oh and definitely out, was the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and fire bombing Dresden. KGS

One more moronic putz international law “expert”

Kai Ambos: Pity the poor terrorists

El-Cid at Big Peace: Der Spiegel has run an article written by Kai Ambos,  described as “an internationally renowned expert on international law and human rights.”  He also teaches criminal law,  criminal procedure,  and comparative law at Germany’s University of Gottingen.  He is also a judge in Gottingen.  Let’s hope no terrorists end up being judged by him in court.   This is pure insanity.  If you have heart troubles,  please don’t read this.  It will push you over the brink. An excerpt:

“Terrorists, even Osama bin Laden, are humans. As such, they have rights; human rights. Among these rights are the right to life, the right to humane treatment and the right to a fair trial. Fundamental human rights remain valid even in a state of emergency; they are impervious to such exceptions.

In peacetime, the right to life can only be limited in extraordinary circumstances, in particular by reason of self defense. If it is true that Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot, self defense in response to an unlawful attack on the part of entering US Special Forces can be ruled out. Clearly, such an operation takes place under extreme pressure and it is conceivable that the Special Forces acted on the mistaken belief that they were under attack by bin Laden or his people — criminal lawyers call this “putative self defense” — but this would not make the killing lawful. It would only cast light on the mental state of the troops in question, and thus their culpability.”

If you really want to read the whole thing,  you can find it here. (In Spanish)


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