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Jyrki Katainen willing to sell his soul for that Portugal aid package.

Yeah, that’s right folks, the National Coalition, (read = faux conservative party) in its mad dash to play yes men to Brussels, is willing to have a minority (losers in the elections) government made up of Left, far-Left and hard far-Left parties, of whom many no doubt, view Karl Marx with varying degrees of admiration.

Nice try running the government as “conservative run government” with these types of Marxist economic illiterates. All the True Finns have to do is sit back and watch this hard Left faction eat up these faux conservatives for lunch. The TT smells blood in the water, the coalition will not last, with new elections being called for within a couple of years, or sooner. That’s the TT’s two cents worth. KGS

NOTE: Here’s the Green’s wish list that’s actually meant to shore up it’s party’s base for next local elections in two years. Pure buffoonery, no new nuclear power plants and no doubt, a radical climate change economics agenda.

Katainen: “Everything is possible,” Katainen said.


Katainen will also meet the Greens, who announced their own pre-conditions for entering government on Friday.

Katainen has not yet taken a view on whether the door to government is shut on either the Greens or the Left Alliance.

More here.

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