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Think elections 2012, with Obama gauging his words to appear he’s demanding the unacceptable from Israel, while demanding from the Palestinians: “Accept Camp David proposals from 2000, or shut up.”

In other words Jewish voters for 2012 are on his mind, while appearing to be tough on Israel, knowing full well that Abbas will never sign on. So he’s setting himself up for what he thinks is a “win win” situation (continuance of the status quo), while looking like he’s being ….’decisive’.

Obama’s draft speech to urge ’67 borders, negate PA’s state bid

US president’s coming speech about Washington’s Mideast policy to demand PA recognize Israel, drop unilateral UN bid for statehood, while urging Israel to return to ’67 lines, cease settlement expansion

WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama is set to give his next political speech at 6pm Thursday, just hours before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves for Washington and according to a draft of the speech, obtained by Yedioth Ahronoth, the American president’s Middle East policy, though unwavering, may not be as discordant as some have feared.

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Yes to a withdrawal to 1967 borders, no to a unilateral declaration

Shimon Shiffer, Yediot, May 17 2011On Thursday US President Barack Obama will call upon Israel to withdraw to the 1967 lines, with border alterations that will be agreed upon with the Palestinian Authority — but in his speech he will rule out thenotion of a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.

This is what is arising from talks in recent days between National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror and his predecessor Uzi Arad with senior officials in the US administration, ahead of the prime minister’s visit to Washington.

Obama will be delivering his speech at 6 PM Israel time, a few hours before Netanyahu leaves for Washington. From the main points of the draft of the speech, obtained by Yedioth Ahronoth — which couldstill change by Thursday — it is evident that Obama will call on Israel and the Palestinian Authority to returnto the negotiating table, because only in this way can a sustainable agreement be reached. The president will rule out the Palestinian plan to declare a state unilaterally in September, but at the same time will stress thatIsrael must cease construction in the settlements and abstain from any step that can be defined unilateral andthat are liable to change the situation on the ground.

The issue of Jerusalem is also expected to be addressed in the speech, where Obama will declare that the US considers the city to be the capital of both states — Israel and Palestine — which live side by side in peace. Itappears that Obama will endorse in his speech President Clinton’s statement that the division of Jerusalem will be according to the following criterion: the neighborhoods that are populated by Palestinians will beincluded in the Palestinian state, and those with a majority of Jews will be under Israeli sovereignty.

According to one source exposed to talks among Netanyahu’s advisors ahead of the premier’s Friday meeting with the US president, Obama will define as illegal the settlements built in the territories after 1967. It is as yetunknown what will be Obama’s policy on the settlement blocs; in his speech on Monday Netanyahu noted he would demand that they remain under Israeli sovereignty.

Amidror and Arad tried to convince their interlocutors, headed by National Security Advisor Tom Donilon,to change some of the planned formulations in the speech. The Israeli side claimed that Obama’s outline willnot enable true negotiations, and is in essence an endorsement of the Arab approach. A senior US administration official told the Israelis that they have no reason to act like a “surprised virgin.”

“You know the US administration’s position; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton already elaborated on thedetails of the Israeli-Palestinian agreement last October,” the senior official said. In addition, Obama’sadvisors believe that no dramatic change will befall the special relations between Israel and the US, following the speech.

A senior Israeli source said off the record that “texts emanating from Obama’s surroundings are extremely unpleasant to Israeli ears, and will be primarily disturbing to Netanyahu.” The prime minister might beconsoled by the fact that Obama is expected to say explicitly in his speech that the Palestinian side, which willnegotiate with Israel, must accept the terms laid down by the Quartet: recognition of Israel’s right to exist, abstaining from unilateral steps, and ceasing terror and incitement against Israel.

Washington correspondent Orly Azulai adds: On Sunday Obama will address the AIPAC conference in Washington, hours before leaving for an official visit to Europe. Ahead of his speech Obama will meet withKing Abdullah of Jordan, who will be visiting Washington.

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  1. Just who the hell does he think he is? He KNOWS that the those borders will be pretty much indefensible. This is bad, this is really bad.

    1. Yep. And we all know that the Palis consider all of Israel to be theirs, as they train their kids to lust after Haifa, Nazareth, Tzfat, etc etc,

      This is not about land, it’s a holy war. There will be never be peace with the Arabs, and no amount of appeasement will improve the situation. Their mandate is to destroy Israel. And half the world can’t discern evil if it’s sitting in their lap.

      Any partition of the land will be the beginning of the end, both for Israel and for the US. And Obama, the anti-American president, is leading the charge.

      Check out this article which references to and American Thinker piece.

      1. Thanks.
        I agree this is not about land. Look on the map. There are a lot of Arab countries they can go to. Israel is only 0,2% of the Middle East, so land is not the problem. And it won’t just be the beginning of the end for Israel and the US, but also for Europe. More Jihad is coming our way if we allow all of this to happen.

  2. If President O-BOMB-A goes to AIPAC and refers to the 1949 Armistice Lines as “borders” then he’s ill-prepared and incompetent. He’s there for damage control; not to make things worse. He may be a crummy President, but he’s a better politician than to do that.

    If President O-BOMB-A goes to AIPAC and refers to the 1949 Armistice Lines as “borders” you have my permission to put a picture of a jackass with TINSC branded on it’s hind end with this quote as the caption.

    How’s that for a bet! I will accept all risk. You need not offer any form of self-humiliation as a counter-bet.

    I expect President O-BOMB-A to say something like this: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.” That is what he said to us on June 4, 2008 when I was at the AIPAC policy conference. That’s what you can expect from his speech; more lies designed (once again) to give the audience false confidence in his leadership. The only question is whether AIPAC members will fall for it.

    “Fool me once; shame on you! Fool me twice; shame on ME!”

    C ya,


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