Oh, and please do remember that this is the group that many Europeans, especially in the Scandinavian north, want Israel to do “business with”. These Scandinavian hypocrites, (speaking of the Swedes here) are loathe to negotiate with normal political parties like the Sweden Democrats, (as are the Belgians with the Vlaams Belang) but yet they demand that Israel conduct negotiations with genocidal maniacs like Hamas who vow to do everything in their power to maim, kill and eventually destroy the Jewish state. KGS

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Haniyeh on Nakba Day: Pray for an end to Israel

05/15/2011 09:47

Hamas PM says group will not recognize Israel; Erekat calls on Netanyahu to “say the numbers 1-9-6-7” if he is serious about peace.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh spoke to Muslim worshipers on Sunday morning, telling them to pray for an end to Israel.

“Palestinians mark the Nakba with great hope of bringing to an end the Zionist project in Palestine,” Haniyeh told 10,000 people at Gaza City’s al-Omari mosque, AP reported.

“To achieve our goals in the liberation of our occupied land, we should have one leadership,” he reportedly said, praising the recent unity accord between Hamas and Fatah.

Haniyeh added that Hamas would not recognize Israel.

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat on Sunday also commented on Nakba Day events, telling Israel Radio, “This is the day of my nakba, it is the day when my nation was interrupted. Sixty-three years later, we’re still interrupted, we’re still under occupation. If I want to go to Jerusalem, I still need to ask permission from one of your kids, your soldiers.”

Commenting about a plan in which Israel would agree to a Palestinian state on 1967 borders if the Palestinians agreed to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Erekat said “Your title is the State of Israel, and that is how we recognize you. It’s none of my business to determine who you are. I want to hear the numbers 1-9-6-7 from Netanyahu. Until we don’t hear that, we’re not going to waste our time.”

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2 Responses

  1. No dissent from me, mon ami.

    In my youthful idealism period I used to think of Sweden as a most wonderful country; economically advanced, a welfare system the envy of the world, lovely engaging people, etc.

    Today how sad to see the slow demise of what once was.

    Sweden has become as pathetic as the pathetic so-called “Palestinians” they support.

    There is really no basis or justification for a state of “Palestine”.

    The whole concept is a swindle.

    In respect of ethnicity, religion, culture, and language, what difference is there between the Arabs of Gaza and Egypt, the Arabs of Jordan and the West Bank, or between the lot of them, for that matter.

    And to think that these no- hopers in Sweden and Norway actually support this movement?

    It’s just beyond belief.

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