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In a post highlighting the recent anti-Israel demo in Amman Jordan, a mustard comments with the following:

داعس عروسكم: hahahaha fuck u israel we will come all to kill u, there’s no future for israel, isreal is so weak , now or later u will die by our hands.

Like the TT said in the original post, this is the Arab state that supposedly made peace with Israel. KGS

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  1. They got “their”** land back the only way they could – by making peace with Israel. They are quite unable to really get anything from Israel unless they beg for it and Israel is in a good mood.

    Taking things by force from Israel will only lead to another Naqba for the Arabs.

    **Jordan is really mandate Palestine and should be part of Israel. It was given to the Hussain family by Britain as compensation for their loss of Mecca to the Saudis. But things change.

    If Jordanians believe they have a chance against Israel, they should try their luck.

    The only problem I see here is that we will be inundated by millions of Muslim asylum seekers.

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