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  1. How moderate. Seriously, when will reality kick in with these people? Israel is not going away, whether they like it or not. I just ordered 5 pizza’s for the IDF, because I support the IDF. Seeing this video I know that it was a good thing to do. Small gesture, but a supportive one.

    1. Great going POTB! That’s the way to do it! I’m sure the soldiers are grateful not just for the pizzas, but knowing that someone cared enough to do such a thing.

  2. ‘Hate Israel day, why? It’s just like any other day in the sick minds in the Arab world. These bums in dirty nightshirts are playing with fire, and when they get burned they will parade their wounded and dead for the leftists in the MSM and their lackeys and lapdogs in the UN to once again blame Israel the smallest country with the smallest population in the ME out numbered ten thousand to one for all of the problems and suffering in the ME.

    1. hahahaha fuck u israel we will come all to kill u,there’s no future for israel,isreal is so weak ,now or later u will die by our hands

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