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The loon Left’s relationship with Islamonazis couldn’t be clearer. These people are to be despised, not admired, deserving of a few years in the clink, not accolades. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the Red Cross has already admitted as much, this is nothing more than a political stunt to help the Hamas to gain free access to the sea in order to procure weapons. These activists are not humanitarians, but aids to terrorists. KGS

NOT AFRAID: – I can not say that I’m afraid, but it’s a tense situation, “Norwegian Espen Goffeng. Here he is during the dramatic operation last year, where nine activists Turkish IHH terrorists were killed. 20 Norwegians, including several white politicians have announced that they will participate in the action at the end of June this year.

NOTE: Notice that the Dagbladet didn’t just leave it with it being Norwegian politicians, they had to let it be known that they’re “white” politicians. The Left’s fascination with color and race is quite enlightening, you could be safe in assuming that they’re fixated with it. It’s a universal trait of the Left.

We have the whole world’s eyes on us, and that Israel has also

Dagbladet: More white politicians with the new Gaza convoy, one year after last year’s carnage.

Dagbladet) One year after Israeli soldiers boarded the ship Mavi Marmara “, leaving nine dead Turkish activists (TT: Turkish IHH terrorists), it is now ready for a new Flotilla with a total of eleven boats to Gaza.

” Ship to Gaza Norway “is part of a larger international aid convoy consisting of nine passenger vessels and two cargo ships with supplies heading to Gaza City in late June.

– We have a departure date set, but because of the danger of sabotage, or that the Israeli authorities to prevent us in any way, we expect to go without a concrete date, “says the leader of the” Ship to Gaza Norway , “George Morland.

Do not provoke

He believes the action has international law on their side, and says that the goal is to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

[TT: No they do not have international law on their side, they are intent on breaking a an internationally recognized weapons embargo on Hamas. Please do take note that not even the anti-Israel UN has successfully waged a campaign against the anti-terror weapons blockade]

– Are you afraid that Israel can come to board the boats as they did on “Mavi Marmara” last year?

– No, we’re in a peaceful errand. But we are determined to break the blockade. If we are attacked, we will stick to our non-violent line, answer Morland.

He emphasizes that they do not want to provoke:

– We do not have something that can be used as weapons, only supplies to Gaza’s residents, “he said.


He believes they have learned a lot since last year’s action.

[TT: Yeah, hopefully not allow actual terrorist jihadis disguised as useful stooges, carrying knives, handguns and the materials needed to make weapons once on board.]

– We train everyone to be included, so they know how to behave in different situations, “he said.

He says that they will remain in Gaza City a few days, if they succeed to reach land.

– Do not be afraid

The three Norwegians who were involved in last year’s action, Espen Goffeng, Nidal Hejazi and Randi Kjøs, standing this time on the passenger list.

– Hopefully I will this time too, says Goffeng, to Dagbladet.

– I can not say that I’m afraid, but it’s a tense situation, “he said.

Goffeng says he is not exactly get the pulse of the tank resting on going out again.

– Last, we were just a bunch of obscure activists who nobody had heard of, this time we have the whole world’s eyes on us, and that Israel has also said Goffeng.

– But we have no guarantees.

Politicians in Parliament

In addition to the three Norwegian who was with the “Mavi Marmara” last year, also has several white politicians agreed to participate.

So far, twenty Norwegians announced that they will participate, including Akhtar Chaudhry (SV) and Stine Renate Håheim (Ap).

Labor politicians Hadia Tajik and Anette Trettebergstuen has previously stated that they want to participate in the convoy, but when Dagbladet now make contact with the two ap-profile politicians, they say that they have not taken any final decision on participation yet.

NOTE: Any politician caught participating in this illegal action to aid Hamas terorrists should face being expelled from government and their parties. Here’s more on these people who are in fact aiding and abetting Hamas to kill more Jews while terrorizing the rest of society.

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  1. How ashamed I feel to be a Scandinavian because of these “white activist-terrorists” from Scandinavia. “Ships to Gaza Norway” belong to Davy Jones’ locker.

  2. This ship is very provocative. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a bad feeling about all of this.

  3. The definition of “white” is very flexible and depends on time and place. Around 1900, Jews in Europe were commonly considered Orientals and not quite “white”, as being swarthy-skinned. This notion features in the British best-selling novel “Trilby” which features a Jewish villain who is a swarthy Polish Jew. Now Jews are typically depicted as “white” violating the non-white Arab lands. In fact, there is a broad range of skin colors among both Jews and Arabs. Comrade Bashar Assad is blue-eyed, as we know. Former Lebanese PM Fuad Siniora was both blue-eyed and pale-skinned. On the other hand, my grandfather and cousins of mine on both sides were born with permanent “suntans.”
    Whereas 100 years ago, “white” skin was a positive virtue perforce denied to Jews, it is now a negative quality assigned perforce to Jews.

    1. I agree Eliyahu, I’m just highlighting their (the Left’s) fascination with race.

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