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This is going to end in disaster. The Greeks will not give up on their socialist greed (government teat), and will continue to try and hold on to their perks at the expense of the rest of us here in Europe that are bailing them out against our will. This is highway robbery without the mask and gun. KGS

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11 MAY , 10:55

(ANSAmed) – ATHENS – The two largest unions in Greece – the public sector federation Adedy and the private sector one, Gsee – have urged their members to take part in mass in today’s strike and demonstrations to ”bring to a halt the attacks on workers’ rights”. The first demonstration, by the Communist-party-linked Pame, began at 10 AM local time (9 AM in Italy) in the very central Omonoia Square, while at 11 an Adedy and Gsee joint demonstration is set to begin in another square in the capital.

At the end of the rallies, both of the demonstrations will end with a protest march to the parliament buildings in Syntagma Square. Today strike sees participation by all public sector employees as well as those of local autonomies, banks, teachers of all levels, hospital doctors and employees of all publicly owned companies, maritime workers and (for four hours) air traffic controllers. Journalists are also taking part and are demanding the ”signing of a collective labour contract, guaranteed rights and an end to lay-offs” in the information sector.

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  1. Where may I ask is the all funding for all of these so-called ‘workers rights’ and conditions come from? It is evident that the Greek union members ans there leftist leaders have a problem ascertaining the meaning of bankrupt and broke. Simply stated there is no cash in the till.

  2. I bet Socrates and Pythagoras are gagging in their graves! These scum are not the same people as the ancient Greeks, these are euro-trash!! They dont bother with anything as lowly as paying any taxes and expect us all to prop them them up with OUR taxes!!

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