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First of all O’Donnell is a drone, an ideologue, with whom concrete facts will never influence one iota. Regurgitating every known ahistorical talking point on Iraq, O’Donnell tries to take down the former Secretary of Sate with an unprofessional badgering of Condi Rice that backfires badly. Rice manages to use his own illogic against him, and he so stupid the Leftard thinks the interview was a victory for himself. KGS

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  1. O’Donnell had to be corrected at least four times for his repeated interruptions.

    I have often speculated about why public figures put up with the kind of rudeness that interviewers like O’Donnell display.

    In this case Condi put this guy back in his little box forcibly and firmly.

    I’m no fan of Dr Rice but I thought she handled this intellectual pygmy beautifully.

    Late in the interview he asked a question that illustrated perfectly that for the previous 11 minutes he had just not been listening to anything she said.

    Thanks for this KGS – well worth watching.

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