These photos were taken by a Pakistani official after US forces left the scene, what remained were three corpses one is (IMHO) obviously Bin-Laden’s son. Obama’s decision not to show the pics of dead Bin-Laden can be equated, as Diana West stated earlier, to the media’s refusal to show the Mohamed cartoons for fear of Muslim reprisal.

Photos show three dead men at bin Laden raid house

ISLAMABAD | Wed May 4, 2011 8:48pm EDT
(al-Reuters) – Photographs acquired by Reuters and taken about an hour after the U.S. assault on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan show three dead men lying in pools of blood, but no weapons.

The photos, taken by a Pakistani security official who entered the compound after the early morning raid on Monday, show two men dressed in traditional Pakistani garb and one in a t-shirt, with blood streaming from their ears, noses and mouths.

[View the photographs in the module to the left. Warning – they include graphic and disturbing content.]

The official, who wished to remain anonymous, sold the pictures to Reuters.

None of the men looked like bin Laden. President Barack Obama decided not to release photos of his body because it could have incited violence and used as an al Qaeda propaganda tool.

“I think that given the graphic nature of these photos, it would create some national security risk,” Obama told the CBS program “60 Minutes.”

Based on the time-stamps on the pictures, the earliest one was dated May 2, 2:30 a.m., approximately an hour after the completion of the raid in which bin Laden was killed.

Other photos, taken hours later at between 5:21 a.m. and 6:43 a.m. show the outside of the trash-strewn compound and the wreckage of the helicopter the United States abandoned. The tail assembly is unusual, and could indicate some kind of previously unknown stealth capability.

Reuters is confident of the authenticity of the purchased images because details in the photos appear to show a wrecked helicopter from the assault, matching details from photos taken independently on Monday.

More here.

NOTE: Pictures of the dead terrorists below the fold.

The first dead terrorist with Arab features looks like he tried to resist with the plastic water pistol under his right shoulder, and lost badly.

The second dead terrorist looks Pakistani

The third dead terrorist has Arab features and resembles Osama Bin-Laden enough to have been his son. So it’s the TT’s guess that he is.

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  1. To bad the Commander and Chump wont allow us the opportunity to see Bin Laden in the same condition as these three Bastards. 2 are lackies, and the third does look like Bin Laden, but would still like to see HIM (Bin Laden) with my own eyes.

    1. Because of Obama he is dead in the first place….Nice to see dumb*ss people like you pay more respect to the president who ran away from the terrorist than the one who killed him!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hey dumb ass Jared, it’s because of the special forces that OBL is dead, not Obama, who hemmed and hawed over six months before finally giving the ok. As for a president running away, I don’t think launching two wars simultaneously is the act of someone running away. Dumb ass.

  2. Down with the NWO. Ibn Laden (not bin, you fucking ignorant yank bastards) has either long been dead, or is still living somewhere. The sickening mascarade mass media show with the supposed “muslim” sea-funeral (bisides, why the fuck sea? Afghanistan has no access to any sea whatsoever) was so hilariously flat out illogical, it just didn’t add up to the point where it starts frankly to insult a man’s inteligence. 9/11 was an inside job, ibn Laden had literally nothing to do with it (or in best case, if he did, it was done with US govt full knowledge and acquiescence). They media whore howl bout him killing as much as almost 3000 people (holy sphincter me!), while in Iraq alone, US troops have already murdered over a 1 000 000 so far (far over 2 mln when counting the 1st gulf war), obviously almost exclusively civilians.
    ONE BIG FUCKING LIE. Death to New World Order and its servants.

    1. Well seeing that you’re a truther, it explains the rest of your diatribe. That says it all.

    2. Most of the civilians died from suicide bombers, not U.S. troops. It’s time for the world to come together and stop with this extremist rhetoric.

    3. wait… you have the nerve to call people ignorant? Your post looks like a second grader wrote it and your tired old conspiracy theories are just sad.

      try reading a book for once in your life.

  3. hi.

    not being funny three years ago on a tv programme they said osama bin laden died in Afghanistan. Now three years later they said he was shot dead!! ummmmmm
    show us his body….. Rubbish they have’t killed him.

    1. No death should be praised, good or bad. May be they chose wrong path but killing them like this make us killer aswell. They should brought to justice before shot dead. I hate Laden but still people killed like this who ever they are makes me sad. This is not just right. Like this violence will go on forever…. And americans, they are the biggest killer in the whole world. The kept killing on innocent people years after years (from vietnam to iraq and afganistan) in the name of fucking what? Who will bring them to justice?

      1. Hey Fiona, in your world where all are the same, just the US a little bit worse, could killing a murderous bastard and being thankful over it be a “bit too much”. Socialist governments, Soviet, German, Chinese and Cambodia have murdered more of their own people than has ever been killed in war, yet you say the US is the world’s biggest killer. Admit it, you’re a flake, just come out with it, you’ll feel better.

  4. US said Laden was shot in head and chest so none of these guys are “him”

  5. I’m pretty sure that both “ibn” and “bin” have the patronymic meaning of “son of”.

  6. These pictures are not from the same place. These were taken 3 days ago look at the date on the pics

  7. may 2nd 2:30 in the morn, that fits the time slot nicely.

  8. Haha. OK, so they put out these 3 photo’s of dead “terrorists inside bin knobheads house” But, won’t release pics of the man himself? Due to extremists getting riled up? Bullcrap! People of a certain group are gonna do the exact same thing if they do or don’t show these apparent pictures/”VIDEO” of him. Eventhough they showed saddam being hung(What problems did releasing that video cause? I’m not so sure.) and extremists showed videos of peoples heads being cut off, how did the US government react to that???? IF someone like MR. Obama was wanted across the world and he was found by extremists, he would without a doubt be tortured and it would be recorded for the world to see and that would put fear in peoples eyes, because of what they have done. Why don’t they just release said photos/apparent video of this and prove to the world that they can be good people and have the “common people” on the same level as them, information wise. Now, that is just MY personal thoughts on the matter. All these ignorant/incompetent/naive “PATRIOTIC AMERICANS” who kiss the stained butthole people call the government and eat every spout of bullcrap stories that they defecate onto the world need to wake the fuck up and stop acting like their shit don’t stink, because it does! They need to open their one-track minds and learn 2 words called QUESTIONING and RESEARCHING. Instead they just eat every word they are told by the MEDIA like it’s a hot steaming plate of delicious brown soup.

    PS. we will find out just how true this is if/when there is a reaction from hes followers. Or, maybe him and hes followers are just laughing at the western world?

    1. Hey Bong, al-Qaida netwrok has already come out and sid they’ll avenge his death. Enough said.

      1. Hey KGS, I already know this. You seem like one of these pretty ignorant people who is just dismissing everyones posts. Get a grip!

        1. Just replying to your post that seemed to indicate otherwise.

          1. With a dismissive comment? Yeah, OK. Haha.

  9. The public will never believe things our Government shows them. They will blame it on photoshop or a look-alike. Our Government is known to be shady, (like all other governments) what do you believe should always be in questioned? I can only hope that our Government got him and trust it very little. I choose to believe that he is dead, how it happened is a whole nother story…

  10. I was reading this and i scrolled down slowly, then BAM those horrific pictures showed up. Wtf is the first guy doing with a water pistol anyway?

  11. hey seriously HE AINT DEAD GET A GRIP i dont like him he’s a fool made out of rubbish to all you people try to understand BIN LADIN AINT DEAD HE’S STILL ALIVE SOMEWHERE OH YES HE IS !!!!!!!

  12. well its not really Pakistan fault because they had a bad person living there i fell sorry for america because 911 i hope they can forgive all Asians for that but to be honest they pretty much hate all Asians because of 911 its not our fault that idiot did it

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