Bin-Laden Paleostinians Palestinian Misuse of Aid


This is in keeping with both the Palestinian mindset and Muslim mentality of the region, defending Muslims and Islam is paramount, regardless of the horrors they commit. The Tundra Tabloids is for drastically curtailing the aid to the Palestinians and to the Muslim states in general. Let the Saudis and the other rich Arab states in the region fund their poorer states, not the West, making funds less available for the jihad and Islamizing of non-Muslim lands. KGS

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  1. KGS, I could not agree with you more about the funding of the Gaza and West Bank Arabs. As you say, let the Saudis and other rich Arab states fund them if they are not (apparently) able to fend for themselves.

    From their perspective of course the welfare keeps coming in so why should they even think about turning their energies to productive work?

    1. Exactly Raymond, we need to direct our finances to more worthy projects. The black whole of Palestinian “entitlements” has to end, let the Muslims fend for themselves, lets see just how generous Islam is with its own. That would mean diverting money going to subvert the West to fund Muslims around the world, better that then in constructing new mosques and spreading Islam.

  2. An after thought. If bin Laden were truly a lion, why would he have spent the past ten years hiding away from the world at large?

    Just askin’. . . Doesn’t sound much like the “king of the beasts” to me!

  3. Lion, more like a pussy, he’s gone but we knew all along who would miss him. Don’t forget the Seals got hold of all his hard drives. Be afraid jihadi baddies your number is up!

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