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The Tundra Tabloids good buddy, TINSC, brought this to my attention the other day concerning the president’s long awaited release of his long form birth certificate. It has been the subject of speculation over the years due to Obama’s very suspicious behavior surrounding it. Remember folks, the people have the right to know just about everything about the man, or woman, that they are electing to office.

Obama for some reason, has been very cagey about his record of birth, as well as his scholastic record, and any inquiry to finding of the facts have been met with contempt and obfuscation, Let me state that the TT is in firm agreement with radio talk host, Mark Levin, in his view that this is all a sideshow to the more important, pressing issues of the day.

This is a very weak president, all that is needed to take back the White House and the Senate in 2012, is for an articulate politician to lay out Obama’s track record thus far as president, not his birth record. Faux conservative, Donald Trump, can thump his chest and say look what I accomplished, but at the end of the day, he didn’t even come close to accomplishing anything. The White House has just handed the people a doctored document for whatever the reason.

Who knows, the original might very well be safely locked up somewhere that is the mirror image of the pdf document released the other day, but one will have to ask (hopefully inquisitive journalists wanting to do their jobs) why they chose to submit a clearly photo-shopped version of the original?

This document does more to spread the doubt than to answer the question of whether Barack Hussein Obama is indeed a US citizen. Remember folks, no matter how any of this turns out, Obama and company own the entire situation. KGS

The pieced together presidency of Barack Hussein Obama

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  1. truly excellent comment just left on my YouTube channel by “ottohoffman”
    When I first read that the image of the long form certificate of live birth had layers because it was OCRed I did a find text command on it for the letter c (amongst others). It found nothing. Just in case the image had been OCRed but the OCR program had failed to recognise the c, I ran the OCR option adobe. I then repeated the find text command, and it found c. Hence it wasn’t OCRed.


    From Fox News: April 27 2011 – Obama’s birth certificate moved to secure location months ago

    1. I don’t get it. OCRed, what is that, and how does it relate to the multi-layered pdf file of the b-certificate?

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