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The portion worth paying attention to is the fact that Western immigrants to Denmark are net contributers to the Danish economy, while non-Western immigrants are a major drain. The question outside of further tightening immigration policies, is what to do about the immigrants and their descendants who are there to stay, seeing that they remain a drain on the economy? It appears to be the right “million Kroner question” to ask.  KGS

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Tightening pay out to Immigration

By Orla Borg

Published at 27.04.11. 23:09

Tighten the Danish immigration policy has saved Denmark for five billion. lion in the past nine years. More tightening to come.

Denmark has saved 5.1 billion. a year on importing a foreign policy that is much tighter than before 2002.

According to a report prepared by officials from five ministries.

The five billion. per year is saved by, among other things, that there are now fewer foreigners from non-Western and more from western countries to Denmark.

Report as leverage

The report costs immigrants and descendants from non-western countries today the Danish society 15.7 billion. per year, while immigrants and descendants from Western countries contributing to the exchequer by 2.2 billion. DKK

Both the government and the Danish People’s Party will use the conclusion from the report to further tighten the rules on foreigners.

“As we now see that it does matter who is coming into the country,….

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