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From the comment box, an excellent review of the Alien vs. Predator environment that exists within the Hamas run Gaza Strip. Actually, the commenter, Anushirvan, delivers many of the same points that the TT has mentioned on prior occasions, but it’s worth going over once again. Many thanks to Anushirvan for dropping this off in the box. KGS

Vittorio Arrigoni, Italian anti-Israel dead stooge

The truth of the matter is that Arrigoni and the others have been killed by a faction within Islam that wants to demonstrate that Hamas has nothing to do with with the pure Islamism the way Salafis understand it.

Hamas basically claims to have instated a regime in Gaza that is a perfect model of Islamic society. However, at the same time they tolerate Western infidels to join their struggle against Israel. Now, the latter is completely antithetic to the quest of all ‘authentic’ Jihadists, Salafis in particular. Salafis view the first three generations of Muslims – the Sahabah, or Companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and the two succeeding generations after them, the Tabi‘un and the Tabi‘ al-Tabi‘in – as an eternal model for all succeeding Muslim generations, especially in their beliefs and methodology of understanding the texts, but also in their method of worship, mannerisms, morality, piety and conduct.

The Salafi view of Hamas would therefore be one that implicitly designates Hamas’ tenure as heretical, as ‘inauthentic’ Islam. According to this logic, Islam’s history itself has proven that real Jihadis never had any use for infidels to join their struggle. (such a thing would be anathema to Islam in general, even) Infidels have to be subjugated.

Arrigoni therefore HAD to be killed, in order to prove this point. The killing of Arrigoni was as much a propaganda exercise to name and shame Hamas for propagating an ideology that counters the establishment of a genuine Islamic society in Gaza as it was a means to force Hamas to release Salafi prisoners in their custody. Assuming that Hamas had released those prisoners, Arrigoni still would have been killed afterwards.

Of course, neither would Hamas shed any tears over the death of one of their useful infidel idiots. And particularly not when such a thing can be turned around by integrating it into a propaganda exercise of their own.

All things said and done, useful idiots have no real value to Jihadis. Their life is worth nothing to them.


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