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This sucks. Vlad Tepes has spent a lot of time delivering to us a wide range of video treats through his YouTube channel that are national treasures. There is none like Vlad, so the TT was thoroughly disappointed when he told of what happened.

Vlad has spent much of his time and funds in helping the Conterjihad movement in keeping us all up to date on the ins and outs of the happening around the world via his vids. He will be back though, and is quietly developing another site. He’s been handed a defeat but he isn’t out, not our Vlad, not by a long shot. KGS

NOTE: Vlad sent the TT a post by someone he felt captured in essence the whole story, and asked it be republished here.


I’ve frequently featured or linked to the Vlad Tepes counter-jihad website here on my blog. I go to Vlad’s site because it is always a treasure-trove of information and videos about what’s really going on inside the World of Islam – items that you will never read or watch on Good Morning, America or on CNN’s nightly news.

Tonight I made my regular trip over there and found an announcement that YouTube has shut down Vlad’s video account, purportedly over a video copyright violation issue that is over six months old and, according to Vlad, should be moot.

However, I am also informed via an e-mail that there is a move on within the cyber-space war zone to shut down several counter-jihad websites by repeatedly flagging them as offensive. The al-Shamikh forum, which Vlad tells me is a password-protected Muslim jihad site, has apparently issued a fatwa against three counter-jihad sites – one of which is Vlad Tepes.

They call themselves The Jihad Smack-Down Crew. Vlad Tepes is one of them. And they’re all on the jihad hit-list.

You can draw whatever conclusion you may wish to draw about what’s going on. Me? I’m suspicious that Google and YouTube have come under some pressure from the World of Islam and decided to knuckle under rather than risk who-knows-what…

NOTE: We need to develop a site where counterjihad videos cannot be taken down due to fundamuslim tactics, so any of you folks out there with some rather deep pockets, give us a nudge here and help us out.

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  1. Be prepared, this is only the beginning. Pure evil come from the Islamic world. They have bottomless pockets and untold numbers of people to work day and night spreading lies and insuring the truth is trampled into the dust. Like they try to say that the Jews have no connection to the Kotel (Western Wall) or Jerusalem or any of our Holy sites. They are trying to change history. The battle of weapons is secondary. What we are facing is far more sinister–the eradication of truth and history as we know it. Now is the time for all good people to stand together and stand strong–it will not be easy.

  2. Vlad needs a server and website. There has to be a way……too much…lol! Vlad is and Vlad will be!

  3. This sucks. I don’t understand that the Jihadists have such an influence on YouTube.

  4. I can’t get by without Vlad Tepes Blog. Hi Eeyore, if your’e there – miss you!. This is Chris Jones; sorry your site got pulled. It goes to show us how quickly they could shut down the internet, and how little we would be able to do about it.

    1. Hi blog is ok…. just his youtube site… look at bankorandotcom as well.,he’s picking up where he left off

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