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Frank told the Tundra Tabloids to “check this out“, so the TT wanders over to the link supplied by Frank and there you have it, Glenn Beck picked up on his video of the woman confronting some fundamuslims in Frankfurt Germany who were speaking like Adolf Hitler. The TT published it at Frank’s request two days ago. The Fundamuslim preacher had to be talking about Jews because she invoked the Hitler comparison.

Glad to see Frank’s hard work being recognized. Just like Vlad Tepes, Frank Kitman is another extraordinary video YouTube specialist, making one video after the other, translated and subtitled when necessary, for the Counterjihad. Good going Frank! KGS

NOTE: Frank: “On radio this morning, Glenn played video of a woman protesting a Muslim rally Germany. The German woman compares the radical Muslim cleric speaking at the rally to Hitler, and encourages the people of her country to stand up against the ideas he is espousing. Glenn Beck is reading my translation!”

Glenn Beck:

The actual video in question:

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