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  1. When in Rome etc as they say

    Or bugger off.

    Apologies KGS for the rude word – it is unbecoming of me, but we are all getting fed up with Ropers.

  2. I note that this muscle flexing is right in the heart of the beautiful and historic city of Rome.

    These Muslim maniacs are a blight on the landscape, and should be regarded as an environmental disaster, despoiling the natural and architectural beauty of the most important city in Western civilisation. And just as it is illegal to build monuments or buildings in classical Rome that offend the classical nature of Pagan as well as Christian Rome, so it should be illegal to build, demonstrate or gather in Rome that violates the environmental essence of Rome.

    Sad as it is to say this, there really is no alternative except to ban Islam in the West and deport all Muslims. Then and only then can we live in peace with ourselves, free from bombings, suicidal maniacs, worry free travel, and even live in peace with Muslim nations.

    1. You’ve cut to the heart of the matter DP111.

      It all boils down to a failure of will to deal with this blight on the eternal city.

      It’s not to late to do something but the city fathers (in all probability) just haven’t got the bottle or stomach for it.

  3. Well said. Now that people are starting to see that there is a “large stinky eleplant in the room” perhaps we should put our thoughts to what to do about it. Obviously any form of tolerance does not work.

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