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Check out “Mitzner’s Blitz” over at the J’lem Post. The subject of Dennis’ recent post is Finnish and Israeli relations in light of recent electoral win by the pro-Israel True Finns. KGS

NOTE: Finland remains a bastion of sanity in Scandinavia in regards to relations with Israel.

Finland: New government – new policy towards Israel?

The Finnish parliamentary elections resulted in a massive victory for the True Finns. The party managed to increase the number of its MP’s from a mere 5 to a whopping 39 making it the third largest party in the Parliament. The sabre-rattling party campaigned against the closed circle of the top three parties and will now undoubtedly use its mandate to change several aspects of the current political order. The changes will be felt across the board, but for those interested in monitoring the relations between Finland and Israel, the future is more interesting than ever.

Unlike its Nordic neighbors Norway and Sweden, Finland has traditionally been friendly towards Israel. Only during Erkki Tuomioja’s reign as foreign minister, Finland showed some unprecedented signs of hostility. In a famous interview in 2001, Tuomioja compared Israeli defensive actions to the Nazi persecution of European Jewry. As it looks now, Tuomioja’s Social Democratic Party will be part of the new government.

Tuomioja’s multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism run counter to True Finns’ world view. Tuomioja, who as foreign minister, seemed more like an Amnesty International appointed advocate, would have a hard time adjusting to a government led by the likes of Timo Soini, a friend of Israel and Jussi Halla-aho, whose views on immigration and foreign aid do not mix well with Tuomioja’s positions.

It seems unfathomable that the leadership of True Finns would allow Tuomioja back in the driver’s seat as far as Finland’s foreign policy is concerned. However, similarly to Tuomioja, True Finns opposes NATO membership, whereas the incumbent foreign minister, Alexander Stubb is an ardent advocate of Finland joining the organization.

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  1. Why we need to support Israel? Well here is one reason

    Israeli soldiers don’t let a pregnant Palestinian woman pass through a military barricade

    The supposedly pregnant woman was intending to blow at an Isreali hospital, where she had been treated previously.

    Watch and wonder why our idiot politicians (traitors), have allowed this murderous creed into the the West.

    Wonder when the BBC will show this

  2. Why is Finland so pro-Israel when Sweden and Norway (also historically Lutheran) are so anti-Semitic?

    I’m glad for it, but I want to understand the reason. Yes, I know the Finns are racially a bit different and have a very different language, but find it hard to believe that has anything to do with it.

    1. Hi Eric R. Finland knows how it feels to fight against a larger hostile enemy, as well as understanding the Israelis’ longing for its own national identity and fighting to keep it. Finland was ruled by both Sweden and then Russia, and fought two major wars with the latter, and winning. Finns can identify a true drive for national independence. The Arabs, while they may have some claim for independence, do not exactly exhibit the same qualities as teh Israelis, as well as living in a region where there are a host of independent Arab Muslim states.

      Also, over the past 2-3 decades, both Norway and Sweden have been busy filling themselves up with anti-Semitic Arabs/Muslims which Finland has thus far refrained from doing in any significant way. The more Muslims you have, the more imported anti-Semitism you have, which is a direct cause and effect.

    2. Eric, the Finns are very different in ethnicity to the Germanic Swedes and Norwegians, but I very much doubt that ethnic origins would have anything to do with the different attiudes to Israel of Norway/Sweden vis-a vis- Finland.

      Unfortunately too, Eric, the Lutheran Church can hardly point to a proud history when it comes to anti-semitism.

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