Gates of Vienna Obama's Socialist Pals


There isn’t much that the TT can add to what the Baron has written. Do yourself a favor, and for the good of America, and read what the Baron has to say, and then pass it on to as many people as possible. This is highly important, and goes to underline the need for the good people of the US to brush up on your facts, stay vigilant and fight against this attack on your basic of freedoms, the exercising of your free speech rights. Once your right to free speech is taken from you, all other rights are on the chopping block as well. KGS

NOTE: The Obama regime is one the most radical ever in the history of the US, and that’s saying a lot, when looking at what F.D.Roosevelt did in the trashing of the Constitution during the 30’s. Oh, he did it for the “good of the people” but he didn’t do it out of hatred for America. Obama and his minions are a whole another class of people. They do in fact hate the America that is, and seek to radically transform it into something the Framers of the Constitution never intended.

Read it all here. Now!

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    1. Oh Tom from Bergen, please do elaborate, don’t leave us hanging here with a mere, you sick bastards! Why don’t you center your angst on your own elected officials who have promoted the vanquishing of your own cultural heritage, as well as pimping around with members of terrorist organizations like Hamas?

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