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This is the end game. The Arabs of Israel, meaning the chief, principal players of that minority community, have no desire to live at peace with the Jews, within a Jewish state. They exhibit the same mentality of the Muslims living here in the West, for them, liberal democracy will be just a passing fancy. This is a must read. I placed some of the more eye opening statments here at the top, with the article below and a link to the rest. KGS

NOTE: The final pillar of Zionism is the acceptance of the Jewish state by its Arab neighbors, but as one looks within the state itself, the leaders of what can be classified as a fifth column, resemble that of the enemies surrounding the Jewish state. Also, the Left and EU apologists seeks to delegitimize the nation-states of Europe, especially those who reject their agenda. In that sense, both Israel’s Arabs and the just mentioned have the exact same goals, Islamization.

“This will be Israel’s great dilemma domestically, vis-à-vis Europe, and later vis-à-vis the Untied States as well,” Schueftan says. “Even if a solution is found to the conflict with the Arab world and with the Palestinians, this will be the next area where they will try to de-legitimize Israel.”

What are Israel’s Arabs actually demanding?

“Recognition of the Palestinian collective as a national minority granted a recognized status, while eroding the state of Israel’s national Jewish aims to the point of annulling them. The Jewish nation-state is illegitimate in the eyes of the main camp within Israel’s Arab minority, even if an Arab-Palestinian state is established alongside Israel in the same land, between the Jordan River and Mediterranean.”

And how do they intend to secure this objective?

“The strategy is to attack the Jewish establishment from the inside, using the democratic means of the State and of society, in the name of democracy, pluralism and human rights.”


Israel’s Arabs: The enemy from within?

Arab Israelis trying to destroy Jewish state, no solution in sight, says leading researcher
Roni Shaked
Published: 04.21.11, 19:06 / Israel News

In 1999, when Professor Dan Schueftan’s book “Disengagement: Israel and the Palestinian Entity” was published, his proposals appeared extreme; almost imaginary even. As there was no chance for securing an agreement with the Palestinians, Schueftan asserted at the time, Israel must undertake unilateral moves; that is, disengage from the Palestinians, even without getting anything in return.

Six years later, in 2005, the idea raised by the professor in his book turned into reality, even if partly so, when Ariel Sharon took Israel out of the Gaza Strip.

However, after publishing his book, Schueftan realized that even after fully disengaging from the Palestinians, one issue will remain central, painful, bloodier then ever, and unresolved: Israel’s Arab citizens. “There was a need to clarify what is required of us in order to maintain our Jewish, democratic essence in the area to be left in our hands following disengagement,” he says.

This clarification process took no less than a decade. To this day, Schueftan’s study is crammed with crates filled with documents about the issue. He has collected every word published in newspapers, both in Israel and abroad. He has documented every Knesset speech and has all televised documentation from 1990 and onward. The material he gathered about Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi alone can fill a room.

Schueftan’s thorough work and analysis effort prompted the publication of his latest book, “Palestinians in Israel.” The subtitle is unequivocal: “The Arab minority’s struggle against the Jewish state.”

“On the political level, we have no option for a solution on the issue of Arabs in Israel,” Schueftan asserts today. “They are unwilling to accept a solution that is less than what is perceived as the Jewish nation-state’s suicide. We are dealing with an especially difficult branch of the complete rejection of the Jewish state in the Arab world.”

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  1. I kind of saw this coming. More than half of the Arab Israeli’s still believe that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist. It’s very weird to me that they still won’t accept it. Still a majority of the Israeli Arabs would like to live in Israel instead of a Palestinian state. I think it’s partly because of the benefits like social security and partly because they have never given up on the Israel must go dream.
    This is not just about Israel, this is about the West as a whole.

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