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The senior editor of the Weekly Standard, Christopher Caldwell, gets it wrong, badly, in an April 18th article on the newly elected True Finns member to parliament, Jussi Halla-aho. In speaking about the direction of the True Finns party in the wake of last week’s elections, what their aims and intentions are in Finnish domestic and foreign policy issues, Caldwell makes the following ignorant statement about Jussi Halla-aho.

Christopher Caldwell: Certainly, the True Finns are skeptical about immigration. One party member, a Helsinki city councilman, was convicted in 2009 for writing nasty things about immigrants on his website. But the party as a whole is not rabid on the matter.

At the Gates of Vienna Dymphna correctly points out:

“The writer doesn’t even give the man the respect of naming him before he summarily trashes Jussi Halla-aho’s reputation with the implication that he’s “rabid” on the matter of immigration.”

The whole case surrounding Jussi Halla-aho’s being prosecuted and convicted for incitement of an ethnic group, involves the state’s political decision to go after those who dare question the state’s multicultural policies. In Finland, and in Europe in general, when the state can’t defend its policies, they take their opponents to court.

The intent of the blog post by Jussi Halla-aho that got him into trouble with the state prosecutor’s office, was to point out the hypocrisy of the state in turning a blind eye to defamatory statements made against ethnic Finns, while they relentlessly pursue others for supposedly doing the same to minorities.

Dymphna: He took an MSM article which purported to show the propensity of Finns for violent drunkenness, a Leftist essay he found offensive, and he changed certain keywords in order to demonstrate how unacceptable these opinions would be were they applied to another ethnic group, particularly — gasp! — “brown” people. He posted this cut-and-paste experiment on his blog.

The Finnish state is guilty of enforcing an arbitrary system of justice leading to a situation where no one can knows exactly for sure, what is criminal speech and what is not, until that is, the long arm of the law reaches out to tap you on the shoulder.

The case against Halla-aho should have never been brought to trial, since it was very obvious from the beginning that he was only pointing out the hypocrisy of the Finnish judicial system. Halla-aho said from the very beginning that;

“I emphasize that, unlike the writer of newspaper Kaleva‘s primary editorial, I didn’t present my own, offensive argument as my opinion, but used it to criticize and insult double standards. Factually speaking, and considering the mechanisms of evolution, the mere thought of living as a parasite on tax funds or killing people while intoxicated as being genetic characteristics of some population is insane.”

Too bad the senior editor of the Weekly Standard just took the MSM’s version of events, failing to dig just a little bit deeper, he by-passed a golden opportunity to present the True Finns in a more balanced light, while highlighting the mentality that they are up against. KGS

NOTE: Read the transcript from the entire court proceedings here. Three videos in which Halla-aho explains his case and the politics involved, with subtitles, can be viewed here.

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