burning koran


What a mixed up screwed up world we live in. A vodka drinking ‘sheik’ burns a koran while in the US, a Presbyterian minister buys korans and gives them away as “truth”, while Terry Jones shoots a hole in the floorboard of his car in Michigan. But first the Koran burning sheik!

A glass of vodka, in the name of allah, bismallah, for Israel, the great nation of Israel, the children of Israel, for all the world’s security, cheers.

Then there is the Presbyterian church in Utah, H/T Weasel Zippers, that’s taking the unprecedented step in not only passing out free Korans, they take it another step further and declare truth can be found in it. No doubt the mohammedans are having a big and hearty laugh over this one. Remember folks,  you’ll never hear of the Muslims returning the favor. Never.

Click here.

Then there’s this piece of comedy:

More here.


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