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The Arch-Socialist of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, must think that the wealthy just sit on their piles of money like Scrooge McDuck, tossing coins into the air. What right does this economic illiterate have to stick his nose into the private affairs of anyone, especially since he’s living off the wealth of others?

The Arch-Socialist of Canterbury and other top clerics are known for their disgust of capitalism, the only successful economic system in the history of mankind, that’s responsible for lifting the majority of the world’s population out of bone crushing poverty.

If the Arch-Socialist of Canterbury really wants to make a contribution to society, he can sell his fine church garments and goblets and give the money to a smart somebody who wants to start up a business. That smart somebody will in turn employ others thereby further enriching society. I have nothing against wealth distribution, as long as it’s done in the free market.

NOTE: Oh, and remember, This is the very same cleric that said sharia law in the UK is unavoidable.

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  1. More elitist pompous bluster this time from a ‘religious’ leader instead of the usual BS from the leftist liberals in the political class.

  2. May I ask once on the dole how many ever try to better themselves? Perhaps his ‘Excellency’ is unaware of the most generous benefits given to the ‘poor’, which originate from very high confiscatory taxes on those of us who toil at our jobs every day. Many of us have been down and out, however it did not stop us from rising up again.

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